Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner with problems under macOS Sierra

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner software with problems under macOS Sierra

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know how much I mean ScanSnap iX500 love. The feeder scanner is absolutely user-friendly and works with me every day in the office. For this reason, the update to macOS Sierra has not yet occurred to me, because after the update the ScanSnap software, which is supplied by Fujitsu with all ScanSnap scanners, should cause serious problems and sometimes even pages in multi-page PDFs against empty ones Swap pages. Not really funny when you scan invoices and receipts and then have to show the tax office blank pages during the tax audit.

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner software with problems under macOS Sierra
Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner software with problems under macOS Sierra

After updating to macOS Sierra: what to do?

If you have already updated to macOS Sierra, Fujitsu recommends the following:

  1. Make a backup of your PDF files that you previously created with a ScanSnap program.
  2. Do not use any ScanSnap programs or edit existing PDF files on macOS Sierra until there is a solution to the problem.

What are the problems?

After a lot of discussion and warnings in the community, an official newsletter was sent to the people who registered their scanner with Fujitsu for the first time today. This mail contains a link to the following ScanSnap community page. It says that all ScanSnap scanners are affected and that the developers are currently working flat out in cooperation with Apple to fix the problem. If there is a solution - according to Fujitsu - it will be published on the website linked above.

ScanSnap notification to macOS Sierra
ScanSnap notification to macOS Sierra

According to Fujitsu, the following problem cases are known that can occur under certain circumstances:

  • PDF scans created in black and white and edited in macOS Sierra may unexpectedly be converted to color. This increases the size of the file.
  • Black and white scans with the highest resolution (1200 dpi) in A3 format and scans with the carrier film or otherwise combined could be saved as blank pages. The same applies to scanned documents processed with the ScanSnap automatic page correction.
  • When images are exported to a program on macOS Sierra using the Quick Menu, the program's preview window may show them as blank pages.
  • Some pages of merged scans may be deleted when they are opened with ScanSnap Organizer.
  • When scanning both sides of a document such as a business card, the data on the reverse side is not imported into the ScanSnap CardMinder.

Most of the above-mentioned cases are not represented in my daily work, but I will still wait with the update until a solution is in sight. A non-working scanner would mean serious problems at work that I currently don't need.



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