Fun t-shirts for apple nerds

Fun t-shirt I fixed it
Fun t-shirt I fixed it

Not brand new the gag, but still funny (Photo: Amazon).

Sure, the Think Different is slowly over, because you are hardly anything special when you come along with an Apple computer - Everyone does a wooden head now. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to distinguish yourself at least a little from the other wooden heads - namely with a funny T-shirt that clearly identifies you as [nerd-> nerd]. So that you don't have to rummage haphazardly on the Internet, I have put together a small list of funny fun shirts that are not only suitable for [Apple fanboys-> fanboy]. But I'm not going to tell you about my favorite T-shirts ... otherwise you'll run around with them afterwards and then I'm nothing special anymore. ;-)

I fixed it!
The apple completely again ...
It was him!
Great t-shirt when you work next to you all day, which is usually not your fault.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Oh, how many devices have I got back to work with it ...
Schrödinger's Cat - Wanted Dead AND Alive
Wonderful! An ingenious t-shirt for physicists and probability nerds.
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