Funny and unusual: iPhone 5 protective cases that are fun

Retro cassette case for iPhone 5
Retro cassette case for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 / 5s case in the retro 80s audio cassette design is one of my favorites (Photo: The Amazon)

Personally, I prefer subtle cases for my iPhone, but there are very nice and original cases that are sure to be interesting for one or the other. Of course, it's all a matter of subjective taste, but I would like to introduce you to a few cases for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s that are somehow "special". I admit: some protective covers have been included because of their entertainment value. In my opinion, they are not really suitable for everyday use, but other models are quite original and still functional - a mixture that is rarely found! :-)

Pink silicone case with pig motif by Zooky
This pink silicone case is awesome. There is also a recess for the camera and flash and, of course, all switches still work without any problems if the protective cover is attached to the iPhone. Thereby. that the mobile phone case is also slip-resistant, it sits comfortably in the hand. The case is also available in black, if pink is not desired.
Monkey case from Demarkt
This thin cover is also made of silicone and works against the dreaded slipping out of your hand. Due to the unusual optics, the owners are asked about it more often.
Princess Piggy Case
This pig motif even has a chic princess crown and a 3D look. A real eye-catcher!
Japan comic motif cover
This funny dog ​​is very reminiscent of the cartoons from Japan. The case is of course correspondingly large due to the motif with the ears - you shouldn't have high hopes that you will still get the iPhone in your pocket with it.
$ 100 hard case
Even if the dollar is currently weakening a bit, the design case with the USD 100 imprint is quite original.
Retro camera cover for iPhone photographers
If you like to snap with your iPhone, you have to use this case here. The look with the brown retro cam is simply awesome!
iPhone retro cassette case
One of my favorites: The retro case in the cassette look of the 80s. I just say FE90! Just awesome…

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