Fuzzy Feelings: Apple's Christmas commercials with questionable messages

Apple has released its Christmas advertising for this year. The almost four-minute video, which you can watch on YouTube among other places, is called “Fuzzy Feelings”. In typical Apple fashion, this is another play on words because, in addition to pleasant feelings (fuzzy = cozy), it's also about stop-motion films with felt dolls (fuzzy = fluffy). The iPhone 15 and the MacBook Air are being advertised, especially in combination as a camera, recording system and editing aid for photo and film creation. The Christmas video is set in London.

The protagonist of this year's Apple Christmas video creates stop-motion films in her free time. But that's not all... Image: Apple / YouTube
The protagonist of this year's Apple Christmas video creates stop-motion films in her free time. But that's not all... Image: Apple / YouTube

Short summary of the “Fuzzy Feelings” video

The focus is on a woman who produces small stop-motion films at home with her iPhone and MacBook. The negatively connoted protagonist of her works soon turns out to be a reflection of her superior, who treats her badly. She's asked to do extra work at the end of the day, she's turned away when she goes to see him, he doesn't wait for her in the elevator, etc.

The more such situations occur, the worse the felt image in her videos feels. However, she receives a Christmas present from her superior - reluctantly handed over - and sees him sitting alone in a restaurant on Christmas Eve. She then gives her felt character a happy ending and later sits down at the boss's table in the company to eat with him.

Mini “Behind the Scenes” for Apple’s Christmas video

The video “Fuzzy Feelings: Behind the Scenes”, which is less than 70 seconds long, should also be understood as advertising. The iPhone 15 and the MacBook Air are also advertised here. Anna Mantzaris, the director of the stop-motion scenes in the “Fuzzy Feelings” video, has her say. She highlights that the iPhone can take photos in 48 megapixels as well as raw files.

Funny messages as a Christmas tradition

The Advent and Christmas season is always a time when stories filled with feelings, charity and solidarity are told - and not just since “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. However, I don't know if Apple is really conveying the right messages with this year's Christmas advertising. But that's often the case with well-intentioned but questionably implemented stories.

After all, the negative and derogatory boss is never really held accountable. Thoughts of revenge lived out in felt are the main focus of the story. And in the end it is the disadvantaged woman (also a person of color) who has to show compassion for the (white) man who treats her badly. While a lot of thought and effort certainly went into the production, it does send some strange messages along the way.

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6 comments on “Fuzzy Feelings: Apple’s Christmas advertising with questionable messages”

  1. My goodness Johannes, your “weird messages” are so absurdly far-fetched that I wonder whether you really understood the film so little. Let me explain it to you again! 🙄

    1. YOU probably didn't understand a few things Arne66, it would have been better for you to go to bed earlier than to write such nonsense at 0.02:XNUMX a.m.

      1. Really sweet, Goldie...

        Instead of attacking Arne66, you could think about whether he writes smarter comments at 0:02 a.m. than you did at 07:24 a.m....

        Don't worry, thinking doesn't hurt. Just try it out 👍

        1. I would say the comments are going in a direction that I don't like very much. And by that I don't just mean Frank's, but also Goldi's and Arne66's. You can interpret the film however you want. I see it the same way as Johannes, but I have no problem with people interpreting it differently. It would be nice if we could all be friendly to each other again... Thank you and have a nice pre-Christmas season!

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