AUKEY KM-C1 gaming mouse put to the test

While looking for a simple gaming mouse that I mainly wanted to use for office applications, I stumbled across the AUKEY KM-C1. I had the visually and ergonomically appealing device sent to me by the manufacturer and have been testing it for several months now. In this review I would like to show you my experiences with the AUKEY KM-C1 gaming mouse. Do you have any questions or comments? Then please leave a comment.

Test of the gaming mouse AUKEY KM-C1. The illuminated and ergonomic input device did well.

Test of the gaming mouse AUKEY KM-C1. The illuminated and ergonomic input device did well.

Tested: AUKEY gaming mouse

What makes this input device a mouse for video games are, above all, the rapid fire or double-click button (to the left of the left mouse button), the two buttons for the thumb and the DPI button, with which you can set the speed of the cursor, mouse pointer or the mouse can control the in-game camera perspective. I tried the "AUKEY Professional Gaming Mouse" on a Windows laptop and an Apple MacBook Pro. 

On the latter, of course, the left and right buttons for the corresponding clicks (selection, opening, calling up menus, etc.) as well as the double-click button work. Without an additional program like USB overdrive or SteerMouse however, the side buttons are useless. However, the DPI setting as well as the mouse wheel work.

On the Windows computer, all of the buttons did their job immediately and without an additional app for more detailed settings. The two side buttons help when using browsers such as Explorer for files and web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, etc. by executing the forward and back commands. Depending on the computer game, commands and processes for the keys can be assigned in its settings. Double-click, DPI settings and the three main buttons or the left-click and right-click buttons and the mouse wheel also worked well. As a test, I played the versions of Age of Empires II HD, Counter Strike: Nexon, Civilization V and Crossing Souls (all via Steam) under Windows and macOS.

Advantages and cool features

  • Inexpensive gaming mouse for simple game control and office applications
  • Ergonomic hand rest ensures comfortable use, even for hours
  • Colored, changing lighting looks great and is not annoying or is not too bright
  • 140 cm long, braided cable for freedom of movement and durability
  • Resolution selectable with 1000, 1600, 2400 and 3200 DPI 

Neutral points

  • Relatively light at 139 grams
  • Full functionality on the Apple Mac only with third-party software
  • Size not adjustable
  • Lighting cannot be switched off


  • Weight cannot be changed
  • Not enough additional keys for complex games and game sequences
  • No separate software for detailed settings

Conclusion on the test of the AUKEY KM-C1

The mouse does a good job in everyday office work. And even if you don't play too complex games or prefer to use the keyboard for commands and options, I can recommend the AUKEY KM-C1. Under macOS on the Apple computer, you may need an additional app to be able to use all the buttons - the system settings of the operating system are still not open to gaming mice. Under Windows (tested with Windows 10) everything works fine. So if you want to buy an ergonomic gaming mouse at a low price, then you should definitely consider this model. I can also recommend it for the office and for private use this AUKEY USB hub and this AUKEY bluetooth speaker.

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