Fitness tracker for children: Garmin vivofit jr. notes steps and movements

Whether to motivate the children or because they also want something like a smartwatch: a fitness tracker can also be a good idea for the little ones. With the Garmin vívofit jr. Parents can also see the activity of the children and give out rewards. Alternatively, you can use the reward system to create motivation for joint fitness. Because if you show the children how to stay fit, you will also stay fit yourself.

garmin vivofit jr fitness tracker kids child armband app smartphone apple ios

Garmin vívofit jr. Fitness trackers for children; Image source: Amazon

When children need to be encouraged

Whether it is a defiant phase, self-discovery or phlegm - sometimes everyone has to be stimulated in order to achieve something. This is also more common with children, which is why devices like the Garmin vívofit jr. or also the playbrush gives. In terms of exercise and calorie burning, some children also need a bit of external propulsion; according to KiGGS study namely, 15% of German children are overweight: "Overall, 15% of children and adolescents aged 3–17 years are overweight and 6,3% are obese. Extrapolated to Germany, this corresponds to a number of around 1,9 million overweight children and adolescents, including around 800.000 obese people.“ ( )

How the Garmin vivofit jr. Fitness trackers

The silicone bracelet, which should be comfortable to wear, records the children's steps. There is no need to remove the wristband at bedtime - this time is recorded as sleep time. The bracelet shows in conjunction with the appropriate App (for iOS and Android) Displays the date and time of completed tasks. A red bar also shows the period of inactivity of the child - if this lasts too long, there is an acoustic signal.

garmin vivofit jr fitness tracker kids child armband app smartphone apple app ios

With the Garmin vivofit app, tasks can be assigned, the completion of the same rewarded and other options can be used; Image source: Amazon

In addition to the active time, the number of steps and the inactive time, other tasks and areas of responsibility can also be set in the app. The whole weekly schedule, including tidying up the room, feeding the dog and learning to play an instrument, can be controlled via the app. Depending on their progress, the children progress along a knowledge path in the app. With appropriate progress, there are always new, interesting facts to increase knowledge.

Playful sense of responsibility or just gimmick?

The organization of the day and a certain kind of routine is not so bad, precisely because this is also required in school and later during studies or training. However, if the app is the only means of pulling it, then the benefits of individual actions should come to the fore. However, the offspring should also recognize the benefits of individual tasks, physical exercise and other duties independently of the app.

Criticism of the Garmin vívofit jr.

Fitness tracker for kids von Garmin is in and of itself based on a good concept. The children should be motivated and rewarded, the device is waterproof and easy to clean, and thanks to its robust design, it is also suitable for children. However, with regard to the data sheet of the Garmin vívofit jr. a point of criticism.

garmin vivofit jr fitness tracker data sheet battery kids child armband app smartphone apple app ios

Garmin vivofit jr. Data sheet with reference to the suboptimal battery life (click to enlarge); Source: Amazon

This point of criticism is due to the battery life or the fact that the rechargeable battery (or the battery) cannot be replaced or charged. The device is supposed to run for a year, but what then? Do you then have to order a new bracelet for another 99,99 euros? And what should the user do with the bracelet that is no longer working? Does Garmin offer a replacement (of the battery)? I have already forwarded these and other questions to Garmin. Here's the answer:

"As with the products vivofit, vivofit2 and vivofit3, we use classic button cells in the VivofitJR, which you can change yourself (provided you have a little technical skill and a small screwdriver) or can have it changed at the watch dealer or in the watch department of department stores, etc. So you can of course continue to use the product.
The battery life of one year is one of the big pluses of the vivofit series and is very much appreciated by our customers (and the press). Not having to worry about the battery level of the fitness tracker every few days is what we see as a major advantage of a product that you wear 24/7.

garmin vívofit jr battery rechargeable battery

Screenshot from the Garmin vivofit jr. Commercial (see below)

Garmin vívofit jr. look at Amazon and maybe buy

Is one year of battery life enough to motivate the children over the long term? Do you need the Garmin vivofit jr. Fitness tracker no longer at all? If you think so, then you can use the device order here at Amazon.

And here, for the sake of completeness, I have the manufacturer's commercial for you:


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  1. Holger Tingen says:

    Good approach but what about the guarantee if you open the screwdriver and change the battery ???

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Holger! I think it's like the old Casio watches. You just screw on a lid. The guarantee cannot suffer from this - I would say. Apart from that: after a year, the manufacturer's warranty usually ends anyway. I don't know how it works at Garmin, but after a year I wouldn't expect much more concession if the fitness bracelet is defective. Would be a case for goodwill. ;-)

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