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GIMP 2.8

The software GIMP (abbreviation for GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free way to edit photos and graphics on your computer. In terms of functionality and features, GIMP is in no way inferior to its expensive competition and so the program is a recommendable alternative to paid [image processing software-> image processing software] for both Mac OS X and Windows users.

GIMP 2.8

The GIMP 2.8 software can be downloaded free of charge from and is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

The software is available for download on the domain There you will also find an overview with screenshots and the list of features that this [Open Source Program-> open-source] has to offer. It should be noted that the current version of GIMP still needs a bug fix for [OS X Mavericks-> os-x-mavericks], because there are many reports on the net that GIMP no longer ran after the update to OS X 10.9.

The GIMP Guide is a good help to get started, but those looking for helpful instructions and workshops with practical relevance will be less happy with the usual manuals. For this reason, one can recommend rather good books and video workshops that are suitable for beginners. It is important that the media also cover the current version of GIMP 2.8 and is not out of date. Here is a small overview of very well rated books and tutorials:

Video training on DVD

GIMP 2.8 - The comprehensive training
On this DVD, the user receives extensive video training on image processing software. You learn the basics and advanced techniques and can delve very deeply into the Gimp universe with the 104 videos and over 15 hours of video material. The training received an average rating of 4,5 stars and received very good customer reviews.

Books on the current GIMP version

GIMP 2.8: The Comprehensive Guide
77 Reviews
GIMP 2.8: The Comprehensive Guide
Galileo Design has once again managed to produce a manual with an average rating of 5 stars. Here you learn the software on almost 1000 pages and can soon perfect digital photos, create graphics for websites, create photo montages and retouch photos.
GIMP: The practical introduction
This book is also from Galileo Design and has only 4 and 5 stars in the ratings. Here you get to know all the GIMP tools and at the end of the book you can create buttons for the website as well as book covers or logos. But photographers are not neglected either, because the photo retouching is also shown. A nice recommendation for all beginners.
GIMP practice pure! - Inspirational workshops
This book, which GIMP brings closer through small to large workshops, takes an interesting route. When the book was written, version 2.8 was not yet available, but a customer writes that the workshops can also be reproduced with the current version without any problems.
GIMP 2.8 for digital photography
This very well-rated book is aimed exclusively at photographers who want to use the GIMP to process their photos. In step-by-step instructions, the reader will find important image processing and creative ideas for dealing with digital images. The many sample images in the book illustrate in an appealing way how you can improve your photos with the GIMP.
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