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GIMP is an extremely powerful yet free image editing program. The software, which is published under the [GNU license-> gnu license], can run on Mac OS X as well as Linux and Windows.

The manual for the current GIMP version can always be found on the website of Find. Version 2.8 is currently the current version of Gimp.

Book tip: The GIMP manual from Galileo Design

Anyone who does not particularly enjoy reading manuals and is looking for a book tip for practical use will find the book "GIMP 2.8 - The Comprehensive Guide"Surely happy by Galileo Design. The latest version of [GIMP-> gimp] and its possibilities are dealt with on almost 1000 pages. Practical help is not neglected either: from editing photos and creating photo montages to creation Everything about graphics for the website is explained here, and it's not without reason that previous readers have rated the book with 5 stars (on average!).

GIMP 2.8: The Comprehensive Guide
After an overview of the interface, the tools and the most important basics of image processing, you will get into the heart of the GIMP: working with layers and masks. You will learn how to skillfully change the effect of the image, correct recording errors and thus get the best out of your digital photos. You will also learn how the Scheme scripting language makes working with the GIMP more efficient. Thanks to numerous workshops, examples and before-and-after comparisons, you can use GIMP to achieve results that are in no way inferior to those from Photoshop.
GIMP screenshot

A small screenshot from GIMP shows the many possibilities that the image editing program offers.



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  2. Oliver Lohse says:

    For a long time I had considered creating a PDF of the GIMP manual, but the following problems always exist:

    1.) the PDF is not up-to-date with the end user because the content cannot be changed
    2.) Unfortunately, there can be no interaction with an inclined audience or readership
    3.) the distribution route is too slow and time-consuming

    So in 2009 I decided to found and

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Oliver! Thank you for the extensive project that you started there. But I think there are such and such people. I always enjoy tutorials when I want to solve a specific problem. If I want an initial overview and general help with a program like GIMP, I prefer printed books.

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