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Millions of people have trusted the login for over 20 years, which offers a reliable e-mail service that can be reached from any device and is protected against viruses. The various functions, such as an integrated spam filter, make it easy for you to use your inbox the way you want. GMX is one of the best-known providers of free e-mail accounts, but and Google also offer this service.

Write and receive mail - completely free

GMX stands for the abbreviation "Global Message Exchange". GMX is characterized above all by its user-friendly handling and the simple login. News from all over the world or a practical search function with Google make GMX an everyday pleasure for users to check their e-mails.

The login can be found directly on the home page in a gray bar.

The login can be found directly on the home page in a gray bar.

On the homepage of the Login or one of the many other pages of the provider, which are tailored to special needs such as sending pictures in emails (gmx) or finding online games such as chess (mygames), users will find clear and informative surfaces. With the latest enhancements, such as the new language support, including French and Turkish, as well as mobile access via iPhone / Android app integration, you can now also play on the move: Imagine playing your favorite game while you wait at the dentist.

TÜV-certified service - and completely free of charge

With GMX Free Mail, members have the option of choosing between two free e-mail addresses. In addition, each member receives 1,5 GB of storage space for their emails and can send file attachments up to a size of 20 MB without incurring additional costs or fees! In addition, up to 2 GB of images or videos can be stored in the MediaCenter area at no additional cost, which is sufficient for most people who use the login.

With GMX's free email accounts, users can stay in touch with friends and family. Whether a secure login or the practical apps for iPhone / Android, everything works seamlessly so that there are no problems sending messages between the devices. In order to get an account with the company, however, you have to log into the login at least once every six months, as with any other web-based provider out there. login - also for demanding users

GMX also offers a paid e-mail service that offers comprehensive solutions for demanding customers. With ProMail (2,99 euros) and TopMail (4,99 euros) the login becomes an attractive package offer for only 6 € / month! It includes 5 or 10 GB storage space, faxes, sending 50 or 100 SMS; everything in addition to the standard functions such as spam protection and anti-virus support.

You can test the security package for a month free of charge and without obligation. The professional protection as well as the all-round packages offer a secure login and protect you from spamming or receiving unwanted advertising by email. These are rounded off with an offer: Get a Maxdome voucher that enables you to watch films in your own four walls!


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