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Google Drive Help

I've been using the Google Docs service for many years to collaborate with other online workers. Actually there is in Google Docs - or more recently "Google Drive" - ​​everything an office heart desires: a word processor, a spreadsheet, forms, presentations and much more. If you need instructions for these Google services, you can find for example the official online help from Google itself. This is very extensive and also explains what "Google Drive" actually is.

Google Drive Help

The official Google help page provides information about the Google Drive service.

The book on Google Drive & Tools for collaboration and self-organization

If you are looking for something to leaf through, you will be pleased that a manual from O'Reilly has been available for several months, which offers complete instructions for the individual areas of Google Drive. Both user administration for collaboration and the use of forms to create complex surveys with feedback and evaluation are also dealt with.

The book on Google Drive

The book on Google Drive: A practical guide for beginners and advanced users of the Google Cloud service (Photo: Amazon).

The customer ratings are consistently very good. It is also emphasized that even users who think they are already familiar with Google Docs and Google Drive are sure to find something new in the book. If you use the service, it is definitely worth investing in this manual, because you will find beautiful practical examples with precise instructions to understand.

The book is both as printed edition as well as in the Kindle eBook format .

The Google Drive Book - Office Tools & Teamwork
This practical manual in landscape format offers a successful introduction to the Google Drive service and shows, using practical examples, how the services can be used effectively.

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