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It is summer and therefore vacation time; For a long time, however, people no longer orientate themselves on vacation (mainly) with printed maps and travel guides, but with Google Maps, Here WeGo, Ulmon CityMaps2Go, Maps.Me and Co. I have already tested some of the services and apps myself. The Google Maps offline offers only moderately convinced me. In this post I would like to give you a brief overview of individual providers. This is how you can find your way offline in Germany, Europe and the world;)

Offline maps from Google Maps
The offline maps provided by Google Maps are not the only (and also not the best) way to find your way around without WiFi or mobile data.

Google Maps Offline: Load maps, plan routes, get information

With Google Maps on the iPhone, iPad or Android device you can download maps for offline use. To do this, you either choose your own section on the map, the option Local, which saves you the area around the current position, or other specific maps.

You can then navigate and look around on the offline map. Information on POI (Points Of Interest) is available, but not in detail. Logically, for example, calling up the company website does not work offline. But the material is enough to get from A to B.

HERE WeGo with maps and timetables without internet

There is a problem with Google Maps if you want to use maps offline: you have to log in with your Google account. This means that personal data including information about the stored card content is transmitted. This is valuable knowledge that you can give away for free cards (“If you're not paying for the product, you are the product!”).

However, where registration is not required, this is HERE or Here WeGo. App is also free, but does not require registration - especially not with the Google account. To use offline map material, simply load it under the menu item Download maps down. Then check the option Use the app offline.

Ulmon CityMaps2Go - ideal for city travelers

I can recommend Ulmon to all city travelers who orientate themselves with an Apple or Android device and want to find really interesting POIs. On the outward journey, on the flight or in your accommodation, you can also put stars on the map to mark your favorites.

So you can quickly and easily put together your own route through the city or the surrounding area and rattle off the restaurants, museums, parks and other places whose descriptions (also available offline) appeal to you. You can also call up your location via GPS and also identify routes to make orientation easier.

I have already used the app in Berlin (Germany), Madrid, Málaga and La Línea de la Concepción (Spain), Gibraltar (UK), Porto (Portugal) and in different parts of New Zealand. I find Ulmon CityMaps2Go recommendable!

Maps.Me - detailed offline maps with many features

The Maps.Me App for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS and Co. looks simple at first glance, but offers many great options. Simply download the regions and cities you want and navigate in detail as well as using GPS tracking in real time. I also tested this app myself in the cities mentioned above and their surroundings. For precise orientation, for example when you are looking for a specific address and want to see the house numbers of a street on the map, is Maps.Me even better than Ulmon.

This app also offers a nice search function for POI and a clear listing of your saved content. You can mark favorites like with Ulmon. Registration as with Google Maps is not necessary. You see: there are enough alternatives to the data octopus ...

A little tip from a traveler

If you go on a city vacation or otherwise travel abroad, I recommend that you use at least two of the apps mentioned, as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, sometimes one, sometimes the other, is better with regard to the GPS query. Like me, for example was in Porto, I have with Maps.Me I found great sights, to which I then made my way with the Ulmon cards;)

Download the mentioned apps

If you want to take a look at the apps mentioned, you can download the download links here. In the corresponding app stores you will also find a lot more information and details about the programs before installation:

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