grsyncx - Mac GUI for rsync allows beginners to synchronize folders

grsyncx - Mac GUI for rsync

The rsync tool can be found on Linux and Unix systems - and thus also on macOS. It is extremely useful if you want to synchronize two folders - even on different computers. Even if beginners who are not familiar with the terminal often believe that they have no need for such tools: in practice it often looks different, because rsync does a lot more than a simple copying process.

excerpt from the Wiki articles to rsync:

An important feature of rsync is that it can not only copy entire files, but also parts of files. If a file has been changed on the source data carrier, only the changed parts of this file are transferred to the target system (delta coding), which saves time.

You can already see that this type of file synchronization can be exciting, for example for backups or the synchronization of folders between computers.

The Mac GUI grsyncx allows beginners to use rsync - very comfortably.

The Mac GUI grsyncx allows beginners to use rsync - very comfortably.

grsyncx offers functions for advanced users in a simple look

The hurdle that Mac beginners have with rsync is using the command via the terminal. If you are not used to using the terminal, you often hang on to the documentation for minutes until you have put together the right command.

It is much more intuitive and easier with the GUI grsyncx, which also allows all possible options for the sync. For example, you can protect the Finder attributes so that the date and time of creation or addition are not changed, which would happen with a normal copy process.

How easy it is to use the rsync tool grsyncx is shown in the developer's guide:

  • Open the app on the Mac
  • Select source folder or file
  • Select target folder
  • Select settings for synchronization
    • All options have small help texts when you hover over them.
    • The option "Preserve extended attributes" allow everyone Finder tags to protect. 🎨
  • If you are satisfied with the options, you can either start a simulation via the toolbar or start the actual synchronization. 🎉
  • When the process is finished, enjoy your backup. 👍

Learn more can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, where the app costs 2,99 euros that benefit the developer. If you want the app for free, you can Get the program via GitHub.

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