Hacker looking for a job: does professional hacker team have to apply for HARTZ IV soon?

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There are good hackers who make things and the world better. And then there are the bad hackers who break other people's things, spy on people, blackmail people, and do similar things. And finally, there is this kind of hacker who would like to be bad hackers, but unfortunately gnaw on starvation and seem to have to keep their heads above water with jobs so that they don't have to rely on HARTZ IV.

When unsuccessful, bad hackers go looking for a job, it seems a bit strange ...

When unsuccessful, nasty hackers go looking for a job, it seems a bit strange ... (Photo: pasja1000 / Pixabay)

Spam comment with job application

Such hackers graced my blog with a spam comment, which usually only causes me to click the delete button. In this case, however, the entertainment value is so high that I would like to present the comment to you:

The service portfolio of the hacker group is extensive, but unfortunately difficult to understand ... for data protection, however, I have made your email address unrecognizable to protect you from stupid sayings. ;-)

The service portfolio of the hacker group is extensive, but unfortunately difficult to understand ... for data protection, however, I have made your email address unrecognizable to protect you from stupid sayings. ;-)

Broad portfolio - unfortunately dubious quality

If you read the mail through, you can see what the team of "professional hackers" has to offer:

  • Increase YouTube subscribers
  • Multiplication access (whatever that may be?!?)
  • Loading bitcoins
  • white card and credit card for 2 years (I can print it myself or apply to any bank)
  • Bank account holder (I am already)
  • Situations That Chase Victims (what is that supposed to be?)
  • spyware FOR MEDIAN SOCIAL CONVERSATIONS (Are we playing Buzzword Bingo right now ?!)
  • Western Union and Moneygram MTCN Hack
  • Pirate from Tarjetas Web (probably a well-known pirate ...)
  • Eliminate the previous credit score (After that I no longer have a credit score? They already know that a high score is better, right ?!)
  • Change exchange at the university (say it in English, please ...)
  • Solving the criminal history of piracy (There's already a Wikipedia article on that ...)
  • Facebook hack (90% of FB users use "123456" or "password" as their password anyway ... even I can hack that)
  • WhatsApp hack (why? so that I also get all the nonsensical WhatsApp messages from other people ???)
  • Pirate server (can he also ENTERn ???)
  • Word Press hacking blogs (let's go, others are already doing that for free on my blog)
  • single computer pirate (maybe go to a dating agency?)
  • Numbers - Hack Burner (that's really the burner ...)
  • Verified Coupons Paypal -Cualquier (I only understand train station ...)
  • Android and iPhone hacking (if I forget my PIN again, I'll get in touch!)
  • Credit card for free online transactions (So ​​I can buy something for free? Sounds a bit like Amazon ...)
  • Traceable IP (everyone already has that ...)

There are already some great ideas for services included. I would only work a little more on the German localization and maybe use more marketing slang ... then it is ensured that no potential customer understands what it is about. ;-)

Nevertheless, I have certain doubts about the competence of the hacking team. If someone can hack PayPal, MoneyGram, WesternUnion and credit cards, why do they need jobs and not just get money from other people there? It's like a bank robber robbing banks for others for 100 euros an hour ...

Commissioning not against prepayment!

I mean, why did you go through this "honest job application"? A lot of question marks pop up in my head. I would really have liked to hire them so that I no longer have to work, but if they can't hack and then only work against prepayment, that would be a certain risk for me and my payment. Afterwards I won't get the money back ... Bad hackers aren't exactly known for offering a 100-day money-back guarantee. ;-)

What do you all mean? Should I commission a test job there? Perhaps let the GEZ's account be hacked in order to justly transfer my contributions back to my account? I am looking forward to your ideas. ;-)


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