Reader Question: Recurring Header and Letterhead in Apple Pages

Screenshot: Pages template with header

Question: Hey Sir Apfelot, I'm currently working on a disposition using Pages. I have to have a certain header with 2 logos left and right and a little text in the middle for every new page. How can I fix these 3 things or set them to reappear automatically on every new page?
It would be ideal, for example, to edit the field on page 1 and automatically correct an error etc. on all pages. Thanks in advance!

Answer from Sir Apfelot: Thank you for your question. I have to admit that I Apple Pages I don't use it that often as most clients send me documents in Word format. But I believe what you are looking for is a header. This is defined once and is then automatically displayed on every page. The same works with a footer, which can contain page numbers or something similar.

I just tried it out in Pages and it works by clicking on "Document" in the sidebar on the right and then activating "Header". Then a text box will appear at the top of each page that you can edit. You can also include a graphic there (logo, etc). For me, this header had three fields (left, middle, right), so you can easily add the two logos and a text in the middle.

Here's a screenshot of a quick header in an Apple Pages template:

Screenshot: Pages template with header
Here as a screenshot: a Pages template with a header.

How to enable the header in Pages

To get a header in a Pages document, right-click on “Document” and then check “Header”. After that, a header appears on each page, which I filled with a short test text here. Of course you can also integrate graphics there, for example if you want to create a letterhead with a logo.

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