Hearing aid batteries tested by Stiftung Warentest 02/2018 (type 10, 312, 13 & 675)

Hearing aid batteries are important to keep hearing aids in the ear or behind the ear and to enable the wearer to hear. There are different batteries for hearing aids of different types of hearing aids: Type 10, Type 312, Type 13 and Type 675. These differ not only in size and capacity, but also in performance and price. In the hearing aid battery test by Stiftung Warentest (test magazine 2/2018), some favorites were identified for the first three sizes. The testers are also on the use of button cell- Batteries received.

Hearing aid batteries tested by Stiftung Warentest - here you will find the test winners for type 10, 312, 13 and the bestsellers of size 675. This is how you can find the right battery for your hearing aid with the best test results.
Hearing aid batteries tested by Stiftung Warentest - here you will find the test winners for type 10, 312, 13 and the bestsellers of size 675. This is how you can find the right battery for your hearing aid with the best test results.

Information about the hearing aid battery test

As part of its research, Stiftung Warentest examined a total of 42 zinc-air batteries and tested them in a test setup. Details can be found in test magazine 2/2018. Among the more than three dozen zinc-air batteries were three different types: 10 (identification: yellow) for small in-ear hearing aids, 312 (identification: brown) for behind-the-ear hearing aids and 13 (identification: orange) for high-gain devices behind the ear. In addition to other brands, the zinc-air batteries from Panasonic, Duracell, Energizer, Masterlife, Power One, Kind, Rossmann and Ansmann. I have summarized which battery cut off how in the following.

The best hearing aid batteries - Type 10

In terms of battery capacity and handling, as well as the overall rating, a model from “Power One” performed best among the smallest hearing aid batteries. The price of 1,81 to 6,00 euros for a six-pack is also below the prices of second and third places for “Panasonic” and “Duracell” (good to very good handling). Fourth and fifth place went to hearing aid batteries from "Rossmann" and "Siemens Signia" (Power One has the best capacity, but fewer points in handling and declaration).

Here the test winner and the other four places in the hearing aid battery test for size 10:

  1. Power One: 14,05 EUR for a pack of 60
  2. Panasonic: 5,99 EUR for a pack of 6
  3. Dura Cell: 2,85 EUR for a pack of 6
  4. Rossmann: - 
  5. Siemens Signia: 2,86 EUR for a pack of 6

The best hearing aid batteries - Type 312

The "medium" hearing aid batteries for hearing aids behind the ear produced nine good models in the test, the first five places of which are occupied by the brands "Duracell", "Power One", "Geers", "Kind" and "Camelion". Big names like “Energizer”, “Panasonic” and “Siemens Signia”, on the other hand, were only rated as satisfactory. By the way, second place was able to shine with the best performance and good handling. 

Here are the first places in size 312 as a list with the corresponding price information:

  1. Dura Cell: 8,75 EUR for a pack of 12
  2. Power One: 13,85 EUR for a pack of 60
  3. Geers Premium Power 312: -
  4. Child ZL3: -
  5. camelion: 3,91 EUR for a pack of 6

The best hearing aid batteries - Type 13

In the case of this type of hearing aid battery, only three models performed well in the investigation by Stiftung Warentest. The models come from "Ansmann", "Geers" and "Duracell". Fourth and fifth places in “Power One” and “Kind” have already made compromises in terms of capacity and only received good ratings for handling. Interesting: even if the model "Geers Volt 13" landed in second place with a grade of 1,9, "Geers Premium Power 13" only made it to the fourteenth or last place with a grade of 4,1 .

Here are the top five places for battery size 13 according to Stiftung Warentest:

  1. Ansman: 19,99 EUR for a pack of 60
  2. Geers Volt 13: - 
  3. Dura Cell: 2,64 EUR for a pack of 6
  4. Power One: 14,50 EUR for a pack of 60
  5. Child ZL2: -

Best seller: batteries for hearing aids size 675

For the battery type 675, I cannot present you with any test winners from Stiftung Warentest, as there was no such category in the test in issue 2/2018. However, if you want to buy the best 675 hearing aid batteries, you can use the Amazon bestsellers as a guide. Amazon's bestseller lists are always up-to-date and summarize those products that not only offer a good price, but have also been rated as good and very good by buyers. This is another way of finding the right hearing aid battery. 

Here are the bestselling hearing aid batteries for the 675:

Are batteries for the hearing aid worthwhile?

If you prefer to use a rechargeable battery instead of a battery in the hearing aid, then that is of course possible. According to the test by Stiftung Warentest in the aforementioned magazine 2/2018, four rechargeable batteries can replace up to 440 batteries and thus effectively protect the environment for over six years. However, the price of batteries and the associated battery charger is listed as a negative point. So you have to decide: Do you want to hear as cheaply as possible or do you want to protect the environment and dig a little deeper into your pocket? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on the topic;)

If you still have technical questions about the audio amplifiers themselves, I can recommend the website of my reader Peter. You can find more there Information about hearing aids.

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6 comments on "Hearing aid batteries tested by Stiftung Warentest 02/2018 (Type 10, 312, 13 & 675)"

  1. Thanks for the little report.
    I use the 312, had tried the Duracell and Poweron until now. Poweron last longer with my hearing aids than Duracell.

    1. Hello Lutz! Thank you for your experience! This is interesting because it contradicts the test result. But I guess you can get a bad batch from any manufacturer. Both brands are certainly not wrong. The test reports show that too.

  2. Hello, I've been a double-sided inner ear device wearer for 18 years and have been using Powerone 312 for years and buy them very cheaply on the Internet instead of at the retailer. I am thrilled with the performance as I have already tried a few other products. And now a tip: if I am not carrying the devices, I remove the batteries and put them in a small plastic bag, with no air in them if possible. When stored in this way, the button batteries last much longer. They are activated with oxygen but shut down without them.

    1. Hello Eric! Thanks for your tip! I recently read that sealing the batteries with a strip of adhesive tape shouldn't work, because after the first "activation" of the batteries, the electrolyte slowly dries out anyway, which cannot be prevented by sealing the air holes. But maybe that was misinformation. If you have good experience, you could also try whether the button cells last longer if you tape the holes. That would certainly not be more “airtight” than a plastic bag. LG! Jens

      1. … Hello. I have been wearing rear ear devices since December 19. So far, the Duracell were free during the test phase, so I didn't care how long they last. now i hear you unloading yourself? Use the replacement ears irregularly. never lasted longer than 4-6 days. now I wanted to see if there are test winners. Volt and capacity are identical, but the durability is manageable. Batteries, I would not take it here. The investment is not worth it.

        You have to purchase the battery and charger in addition to the power for the charger. vlg.

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