The best heat pump dryers in energy efficiency class A +++ (test winner)

Photo: drying clothes energy-saving and pretty

When looking for a new tumble dryer, I was informed and informed in many directions. Because just like a television The selection of the right dryer should be considered carefully and ideally with an extensive search for the best device or at least for the best price-performance ratio. That's how I did it and since I've already looked up all the information, I wanted to share it here too.

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Since I'm technically not only interested in Apple devices and I like to share my interests in this blog, I thought that I would bring you closer to the topic of heat pump dryers of efficiency classes A +++ and A ++, because these dryers with heat pumps are supposedly the better ones Alternative, not only to get the laundry dry, but also to save electricity.

Update 2017: I have revised and updated this article a bit. In addition to the two heat pump dryers with good ratings (see below), a third has been added;)

Photo: drying clothes energy-saving and pretty
This is how it is done to dry clothes in an energy-saving and beautiful way in the great outdoors - but unfortunately we don't have the right weather for it (Photo: Pixabay).

The further development: from condensation dryer to heat pump dryer

The so-called heat pump dryers are still used very often, but are being replaced more and more often by heat pump dryers condensation dryer (also called condenser dryer). Like pretty much all other devices, these dry the laundry with heated air. After this has absorbed part of the moisture, it is sucked off and fed into the condenser, where the water falls below the dew point. The water condenses and can be collected in a tub that is later emptied by the user. The cooled air is then not reused, but released into the environment. This means that the room heats up and the humidity can also rise.

New technology ensures more efficiency: Greetings from A +++!

When looking for my new dryer, and because of the high power consumption of these devices, I quickly switched to the subject of heat pump dryers. And there is a whole lot to consider here - not just the various manufacturers from Bosch to Siemens and AEG to Miele, Beko and Bauknecht, but also the energy efficiency class of best A ++ or A +++. And what actually is a heat pump? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technique?

This is how a heat pump dryer works in comparison

Like any dryer, the heat pump dryer dries the laundry that comes out of the washing machine; that is clear. But what makes the heat pump dryer so special? Such a dryer does not have a condenser, but an evaporator (3) with a heat exchange function. The so-called process air, which circulates in the heat pump dryer and is not released as with the condenser dryer, is warmed up and absorbs the moisture from the laundry and is cooled at the evaporator. In this way, condensation is also achieved here.

Function of a heat pump dryer in the scheme
Function of a heat pump dryer in the scheme: 1 condenser, 2 expansion device, 3 evaporator, 4 compressor (compressor), 5 process air fan, 6 laundry drum with laundry (source: Wikipedia).

In addition, the condensed water is also collected in a heat pump dryer. But the air is still used. It flows into the next chamber, where it is heated. This happens through the heat exchanger, which previously absorbed the heat from the process air. Its refrigerant is then compressed for use in the next chamber, the temperature rises and the air that is passed on is heated again. A heat pump dryer works in a similar way to a refrigerator, except that the waste heat from the cooling system is used and there is a closed air circuit.

The advantages and disadvantages of heat pump tumble dryers

A big advantage of this type of dryer is that the air used is not released into the environment. This effectively serves to prevent mold; Especially in winter, when the laundry does not get dry outside or in the attic, creates too much humidity in the living rooms and the room in which the dryer is located cannot be ventilated excessively.

The so-called process air and its cycle in the heat pump dryer also result in another, equally important advantage: not so much energy is required to heat the air, as there is also no heating element. This increases the energy efficiency class enormously, which often leads to the designation A ++ or A +++ - across all brands, be it Beko, Bosch, AEG, Miele, Siemens or others.

The disadvantages: noisy operation and longer drying times

But since no device and product can be perfect for the household, there is also heat pump dryers two major drawbacks: For one thing is the device noticeably louder than other dryers, condenser dryer for example. This is of course due to the "heat pump". Fan and heat exchanger. On the other hand it usually takes longer until the laundry is dry. You should therefore never make the drum completely full and spin the laundry at high speed before drying - if possible.

For me personally, both disadvantages are irrelevant, as I neither have the dryer with me in my apartment, nor am I in a particularly hurry. For this reason, I am very enthusiastic about the great advantage of the technology: it is very energy-saving.

Heat pump dryer test winner of the energy efficiency class A +++ at Amazon

If you want to plow yourself through the huge range of heat pump dryers from different suppliers, then you can quickly get bogged down and often relocate the topic to another day out of excessive demands or impatience - as I've done a few times .. that one there again tests and test reports, such as those of the Stiftung Warentest support. There is a special page on Amazon on the subject of heat pump dryers, on which the test winners are listed; ready to click and order.

Stiftung Warentest "test winner" - here are the best!

On Amazon's test winner page, there are not only A +++ devices but also those with the energy efficiency class A ++. If you select specifically those with class A +++ in the menu, you get a selection from several devices from AEG and Beko to Gorenje and Bosch. Update 2017: In the following I have put together three brief introductions for you. If you click on the green buttons, you will find the individual articles here in the blog that deal with the respective A +++ heat pump dryer. In the three articles you will also find the link to the product and to the Amazon page with the winners of Stiftung Warentest!

Best ratings: Beko DPU 7306 XE heat pump dryer

Test winner: BEKO DPU 7306 XE dryer with heat pump
Test winner: Beko DPU 7306 XE tumble dryer with the best customer ratings.

Among the four, this Beko heat pump dryer has the best customer ratings. The capacity for this tumble dryer is given as 7 kg. The data sheet also indicates 158 kWh as annual consumption, which is quite remarkable. Of course, individual values ​​were also listed. For example, the consumption when fully loaded and using the standard cotton program (155 minutes): 1,25 kWh. With only partial loading (97 minutes) it should be 0,74 kWh.

More about the Beko DPU 7306 XE

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Also performed well: AEG Lavatherm TÖKO +++ heat pump dryer

Also good: the LAVATHERM TÖKO +++ IH dryer from AEG.

There are also many very good customer ratings for this A +++ heat pump dryer from AEG. It is designed for 8 kg of laundry and has an average annual consumption of 177 kWh. When fully loaded and using the standard cotton program (215 minutes) the consumption is shown as 1,51 kWh; with partial loading (123 minutes) it is 0,8 kWh.

More about the AEG Lavatherm TÖKO +++ IH

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A slightly newer model: Bosch WTW875W0 Series 8 heat pump dryer

The Bosch WTW875W0 Series 8 heat pump dryer with energy efficiency class A +++

Update June 1, 2017: Another heat pump dryer with energy efficiency A +++ rated as good by Stiftung Warentest and very good by users. With a maximum of 62 dB, it is quieter than the other two models. In addition, this front loader in white has a capacity of 8 kg and a self-cleaning condenser! You can find more details about this and the other two dryers in the linked articles that were written about them;)

More about the Bosch WTW875W0 series 8

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Heat pump bestseller on Amazon

In addition to the models already mentioned, Amazon also has other heat pump dryers from Miele, Zanussi, Samsung, Bosch, Bauknecht and the like. Since the test by Stiftung Warentest is now a few years old, the current bestsellers on Amazon should be a better place to go if you are looking for a good heat pump dryer. So here is the current top 5 list - but you can also do it as an alternative via this link go directly to the product category on Amazon.

561,35 EURBestseller no. 1
Siemens WQ33G2D40 heat pump dryer for 8 kg laundry, iQ500, A+++, 176 kWh/year, speedPack,...
  • The A+++ dryer uses little energy and, thanks to autoDry, ensures an even drying process so that...
  • Gentle, gentle drying and an ideally illuminated interior: Thanks to the softDry drum system, the laundry is...
  • Outdoor program and half load: The Siemens iQ500 dries outdoor clothing precisely and fits the...
Bestseller no. 2
AEG TR7T60580 / heat pump dryer / SensiDry - gentle and energy-saving / 8,0 kg / A ++ /...
  • 7000 Series Tumble Dryer with SensiDry -Uses heat pump technology to operate at half the temperature...
  • Less energy consumption - The SensiDry heat pump technology uses precise sensors that ...
  • No pre-sorting - MixDry dries your synthetic and cotton garments carefully, evenly and with...
39,00 EURBestseller no. 3
Bauknecht T Soft M11 82 N heat pump dryer /8kg /EEK A++ /Crease Care - wrinkle-free laundry/...
  • Crease Care - fresh and crease-free laundry even after hours
  • EasyCleaning filter - for easier and faster cleaning of the condenser filter
  • Refresh - get rid of bad smells
Bestseller no. 4
BEKO DPS7206PA tumble dryer heat pump dryer FlexySense 7kg
  • FlexySense - Electronic Humidity Measurement
  • Aqua Wave honeycomb drum
  • Express 30 '
66,00 EURBestseller no. 5
Beko B5T4824IF bPRO 500 tumble dryer, 8 kg, front loading heat pump dryer, suitable for allergy sufferers,...
  • With 15 programmes, the condenser dryer with heat pump technology offers optimal care for all textiles. Thanks to...
  • With the IronFinish function, water and steam are applied to clothing at the ideal time and at the ideal temperature...
  • Thanks to energy efficiency class A+++, this Beko tumble dryer not only protects the environment, but also your...
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