Heat wave - this is how people and MacBook stay cool

There are currently numerous reports and news on the subject of weather. This is no coincidence in summer 2019, but rather from stressful heat waves with temperatures up to or above 40 ° C. For those who sit in the office, work in the home office or otherwise have to spend time on the computer, I have a tip for them: USB fans. In order to create a cooling breeze, I recommend the one that was introduced last year Spiral Wind from EasyAcc. The hand fan with battery shown in the article is also great! Both can also support cooling of the MacBook, just like the Laptop cooler from AUKEY.

A fan on the window promotes the draft in the home and office. A USB fan next to or under the laptop not only cools people, but also machines.

A fan on the window promotes the draft in the home and office. A USB fan next to or under the laptop not only cools people, but also machines.

Heat wave - open or close windows, create a draft?

If you have the opportunity, ventilate early in the morning and late in the evening to let cool air into your apartment or house. There is also a widespread opinion that in between, i.e. when it is warmer outside than inside, the windows should be closed and the shutters should be down. But if the living spaces are not in the basement or in the basement, the opposite can help: Unlock the windows and generate a draft to cool down; especially in the attic and if possible with the help of fans.

The SWR delivers a very informative article on the subject at this point. In the text and in the almost two-minute audio contribution, it is shown that a draft in the rooms has many advantages. It is cooled and the humidity is equalized. Only when there is no air, when there is no wind and you don't have any fans to generate draft, open windows don't do that much. Take a look and listen!

Fans for home, office and Co.

No matter where you work or live, a fan is always a good idea with the current heat and the heat expected in the years to come. In addition to sufficient absorption of liquid, preferably water, a fan supports the body's temperature balance, as heat is released more quickly through the skin. Or in short: a draft of air is created that feels cool. Diseases caused by drafts or the much-mentioned stiff neck are negligible myths. Der Spiegel has another contribution on the subject here in petto.

In the following I have you the current one Amazon bestseller list embedded for fans. This shows you the current price-performance bestsellers:

USB fan and hand fan for man and machine

As already mentioned at the beginning, I can recommend you the EasyAcc "Spiral Wind" USB fan buy here can. In conjunction with a Solar power bank In addition to being used at home and in the office, it is also good equipment for cars, visits to the park, vacations, mobile homes, tents and so on. It is operated via USB (also on Mac, MacBook, PC, etc.) and offers two levels that can be selected via touch control. By the way, it is also very practical when the MacBook is dodging due to the heat and complex applications (photo editing, video editing, etc.). Pointed at the machine, it cools you down.

13,01 EUR
EasyAcc USB Ventilatore da Tavola, Ventola Scrivania Mini Portatile Ventilatore Silenzioso Portable ...
  • ❃ 【The double turbo blades and brushless double motor - maximum ventilation】 The front 3 blades, the rear 5 ...
  • 【The shape is similar to a sea snail】 As the speed increases, the airflow will increase. Therefore ...
  • ❃ 【Basic touch control - simple and convenient operation】 Thanks to innovative resistance sensor technology, ...

The situation is similar with the EasyAcc hand fan presented in the same breath. The mini portable fan has a rechargeable battery and a pivoting handle. This can be used to hold, but also to set up the device. You can buy the flexibly usable fan on this Amazon page. By the way: If you want to charge the included battery (LR06 or AA battery) with the power bank on the go, then I recommend the practical one Olight UC loader, which is simply clamped to the battery and connected to a USB power source. All in all, you are creating the ideal gadget set for your summer vacation here;)

Laptop cooler for MacBook and more

I also put these accessories to the test last year; however in March. in the Test contribution to the laptop cooler there was then a preview of a possible test in the summer. Well, I would like to submit this here in short form and without explicit values ​​for the situation in 2019: the accessories help! It protects against overheating of the hardware and ensures that the kernel_task process does not artificially slow down the CPU.

Although the AUKEY CP-R2 does not blow away the rising heat of the MacBook, it draws air downwards and thus cools the sides and bottom of the notebook. So the temperature of the metal body of the computer is also regulated down. The AUKEY laptop cooler for all possible notebook models is currently not available on Amazon. That offer a substitute Model from MVPower und auch das Device from KLIM.

KLIM Cyclone - Laptop Cooler + Stand + Maximum Cooling + Prevent Overheating + Contactors ...
  • AN INVESTMENT. This cooling pad is an investment => no overheating of the components => maximizes the ...
  • LARGE MODEL. Covers the following sizes: 11 11,3 12 13 14 15 15,6 16.Compatible with the following sizes: 17,3 18 ...
  • THE MOST POWERFUL ON THE MARKET. He replaces his brother the KLIM Wind. With 4 fans at one ...
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  1. LeMerlot says:

    What at least helps the MacBook to stay cool (er) on hot days: If necessary, disconnect the cable for the external monitor to avoid using the 2nd graphics processor - and the CPU with Turbo Boost Switcher Pro ( http://tbswitcher.rugarciap.com ) to go down a bit if you don't have to render videos. For me at least, that has been an extremely successful and measurable solution in the last few days.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello LeMerlot! Thanks for your tips. I didn't know the Turbo Boost Switcher yet. That sounds like a good app! : D I will certainly write something about it soon. And I'll test your tips at the next opportunity. My MacBook Pro is pretty much aired when I have Photoshop and Indesign open ... ;-)

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