High tripod as an alternative to photography with a drone

Whether as a safe solution for the 360 ​​° camera or as a drone alternative if you have not received an ascent permit: a high tripod, telescopic tripod or lamp tripod brings the recording device high up. Up to six or even seven meters are no problem with appropriately stable tripod models. There are also monopod models (one foot instead of three feet), but with these you have to have a steady hand;)

A stable high tripod with an individually adjustable height of over 7 meters equips you for many tasks. This way, photo and video recordings can be made from the air without a drone.

A stable high tripod with an individually adjustable height of over 7 meters equips you for many tasks. This way, photo and video recordings can be made from the air without a drone.

High tripod - airy photos and videos with your camera

Do you want your DSLR camera or maybe a 360 ° camera like the Insta360 One X (find the right memory card here) bring you high up, then a high tripod / telescopic tripod is not a bad solution. Cycle races, weddings, house building, soccer games, hobby photography or film production - it can be used for many tasks. In many areas, a high or lamp tripod, with which the lighting for photo shoots and film productions is actually raised, is the best alternative to the drone. 

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With a total of 11 ratings and 4,5 out of 5 stars (as of April 11, 2019) you can, for example a 600 cm model or a 730 cm model Buy from Walimex. The load capacity is 22,5 kg or 15 kg. The scope of delivery also includes a transport bag for quick use on the go.

31,92 EUR
6 meter tripod for aerial photography without a drone
Sample photos of the tripod use with the camera can be found on the product page in the customer reviews.
12,99 EUR
7,30 meter tripod for aerial photography without a drone
Further technical data, pictures and application examples can be found on the product page.

Large telescopic tripod - down-to-earth alternative to drones

Photos or videos from the air, also known as aerial photography or aerial shots, have often been taken with the drone by many users in recent years. Here in the blog you will also find numerous articles on drones, accessories and various quadrocopter tips. With the current laws and regulations regarding the use of drones, high tripods represent a stress-free alternative (from a bureaucratic point of view). You don't need a permit, no pilot, no battery pack in the mobile charger, etc. Especially if you also have other photo or film equipment with you has that is an advantage. 

Therefore, in addition to the models already shown above, I have listed an Amazon bestseller list for high tripods here. This updates itself automatically so that you always see the products that currently offer the best price-performance ratio:

My assessment of the use

It's especially great for the Insta360 One X, as you can shoot 360-degree spherical panoramas with a tripod several meters high. The only important thing: You should screw the selfie stick on top of the high tripod, as this has no levers that protrude from the side of the tripod, because you can see them immediately in the spherical panorama. If you have mounted the selfie stick at the top, the tripod is practically "invisible" except for the legs below. The legs can then be removed using Photoshop and you have a perfect spherical panorama.

And while you can hardly get an ascent permit for drones in German inner cities and you cannot take so many recordings (in Berlin it is now almost 90% of the urban area, which for one reason or another can only be flown with special permits), is the use from a high tripod basically no problem. So you can even stand in the pedestrian zone and take photos - if you like to be the center of attention.

Examples of high tripod recordings

There are various videos on YouTube that show the use of mobile (monopod) and fixed (tripod) tripods. Here I have embedded a few YouTube videos on the topic for you, so that you can get a little insight:

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