Hiking with children: iPad / iPhone hiking guide especially for family hikes

Hiking with kids app screenshots

Every now and then you can find real delicacies in the app store. Today a universal app that is particularly suitable for families with children between the ages of 4 and 14: "Hiking with children". The app acts as a hiking guide and offers hiking tours of various degrees and lengths of difficulty, which have been specially selected to be suitable for children.

Family-friendly hiking tours - also offline!

The 4,5 star rating of the "Hiking with Children" app shows that the makers have done a lot right. The app is offered for just under EUR 8. There are also various regions available as in-app purchases, which again cost between EUR 5 and EUR 9. A region of your choice can be activated for free immediately after purchasing the app. Possible regions are:

  • Upper Bavaria: pram hikes, Reisealm, Brauneck, Aueralm, Tegernsee
  • Munich and the surrounding area: nature, Pähl, Sauschütt, Aying
  • Chimgau: Kampenwand, Jenner, Predigtstuhl, Untersberg
  • South Tyrol: Etsch, Schlanders, Messner, Meran, Waal
  • Upper Bavaria: Werdenfelser, Hochalm, Maxhütte, Kreutalm
  • Allgäu: Hochalpe, Tegelberg, Tannheim, Landsberger Hütte
  • Upper Bavaria: Kofel, Partnachklamm, Maxhütte, Kranzberg
  • Tyrol: Spritzsteinhaus, Goglalm, Wildbichleralm, Ottenalm
  • Tyrol (adventure hiking): castle, cheese, Alpe, Neunerköpfle, Breitachklamm
Hiking with kids app screenshots

The screenshots of the hiking-with-children app show how tidy things are. A filter function quickly shows the tours that are suitable for you.

It's great that the app also works offline. This means that you can download all data to the iPhone via WLAN at home and then use it on the go without a data connection. The GPS tracks of the individual tours are displayed in Google Maps (a cellular connection is required for this) and so you can (with GPS reception) track where you are. But even without a mobile phone connection, you can use the detailed maps very well to get to your destination as a hiking map.

Family hiking guide in printed form by J. Berg

The publisher, who also selected the hiking tours in the app, also has a whole series of hiking guides available on Amazon that present hikes for families with children or stroller hikes in printed form. Those who are more interested in information on dead trees can follow this link here.


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