Hitman Sniper: Instructions, tips and tricks for beginners and beginners

The game Hitman Sniper is certainly not the kind of app that you should give your children to play: As a contract killer you have to "act" with a fixed "viewpoint" and various weapons and kill bad guys. I think the FSK recommendation of 18 years is justified and even if it is not a particularly bloodthirsty game (like some medieval battle simulators), the content of the game is certainly something that many people do not love.

But this post is supposed to be about the other people: namely those who see the game (like me) as an interesting game of skill and strategy - because you not only need a sure instinct and ability to react but also an overview of the building complexes as well as creativity and strategy to accomplish some tasks.

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How to get started with Hitman Sniper

I have the iPad or iPhone game Hitman Sniper recently clicked when it was barely on sale for 99 cents. Personally, the beginning of Hitman Sniper was a bit difficult for me, so I just want to give a few tips for beginners here. Things that I hung on for a while and eventually either found help online or got a tip from a friend who is also a little "obsessed" with the game.

My Hitman Spider tips in bullet points

  • Sets the brightness of the iPhone display to maximum
  • activates the "shoot button" in the settings
  • play with headphones or sound so you can hear the comments (apart from that, the atmosphere is much better with sound!)
  • the jobs are what you "have to" do, but you can have a lot more fun in each level: you can find rubber ducks (shoot them), do champagne bottles, do accident kills (more on that later), etc.
  • FIRST complete the secondary goals and THEN the primary goal, because after the primary goal, the level is over after 10 seconds
  • if you kill one person and another person is nearby, they come running (curious) and look for the first person
  • if a person discovers a corpse, an alarm is triggered - but you have a few seconds to liquidate this person ... then the message "Everything is clean!" usually comes up when there are no more witnesses alive
  • it is always good to "disappear" corpses: you can appear guards so that they fall into the pool or fall off a parapet, then there is no way the corpses will be discovered (and a "body removal" bonus!)
  • In principle, shots in the vicinity make people curious, but it no longer happens when you stop. For example, you can shoot the champagne bottle in front of the barman's nose or shoot other people's laptop in front of their eyes without having to fear anything.

Instructions for solving certain tasks (spoiler warning!)

In some levels I hung out for a particularly long time because I couldn't find certain things or didn't know how to do it. For this reason, here are a few hints, which, however, also take away a bit of the fun of creative self-discovery. So if you'd rather tinker with yourself, don't read any further here.

Champagne bottles and rubber ducks

You can find three champagne bottles and five rubber ducks in the building. To see them, you sometimes have to zoom in extremely and then shoot them down. The champagne bottles are, for example, by the pool, by the bartender and in a few other places. The rubber ducks are in the hot tub (main house on the left), on a driveway and so on. You can see the placement of the items here. If you shoot all of one kind (i.e. all ducks, all champagne bottles, etc.), there is a bonus.

Hitman Sniper Ducks / Rubber Ducks hideouts

Hitman Sniper - here the hiding places of the ducks / rubber ducks / ducks ... one duck is only visible after a certain time. The section on the lower right shows the building on the right.

Here you can see the hiding places of the champagne bottles in the building.

Here you can see the hiding places of the champagne bottles in the building. There are no more tips - find it yourself!

Find laptops

In a level you have to find five laptops and shoot the displays. They are distributed as follows: One in the building on the left, one in the building on the right, two in the main building and one (and I was looking for that for a long time) is right at the bottom in the middle (far below the Main building) at the barrier and the building there.

Use instinct and do X-Ray-Kill

A rifle (one at the beginning, which you can find via "Arsenal" before a mission) has the extra "instinct". This gives special objects and people a red grid model around them, so that you can, for example, follow people through walls. This extra disappears after a few seconds and then has to be recharged, but when you search through the building you can see which points have any special features. Champagne bottles, laptops and rubber ducks are also marked in red, in case you have to look for them.

In one level you have to kill a guard with "instinct" through the scenery. I hung on that for a while. You can use instinct and then see people through walls, but the walls still catch the bullets. The solution to the task for me was that I followed a guard in the building on the right. At some point it ran behind a few panes so that I could follow it by instinct. If you then kill them through the pane, you get the X-Ray kill - that is, the killing through the "backdrop", as the game producers put it somewhat unhappily.

Nice "traps" and opportunities to get a bonus

There are a couple of ways to do elegant maneuvers. These usually give good bonus points because you have not delivered a simple "flat shot". Here are a few that I found or saw in videos on Youtube:

  1. There is a satellite dish on the roof of the main building. The guard patrols past there and then stops just below the bowl. If you now shoot the holder of the bowl broken, it falls on the guard and you receive an accident kill bonus.
  2. Also on the roof on the right is a device that is connected to the solar panels by cable. If you wait there for the guard to stop by and then shoot the box, they'll get curious and come closer. Now you have to hit the box just below the green light so that the guard gets an electric shock.
  3. Somewhere below the main building is a big one Fan in the rock. If you kill a guard right in front of it and then shoot the box to the right of the fan (twice), the fan will become so powerful that the corpse will be blown off the path.
  4. At the top left of the round hot tub is a rubber duck that you can take care of. A guard always comes by there, who then stops in front of the pool. If you do it there, it falls into the pool and is gone.
  5. All the gas lanterns that are scattered all over the place are perfect for taking care of several guards at the same time. If you shoot the green tank, it will explode after a few seconds.
  6. At the top of the large pool you can easily take care of a guard if it walks along the glass parapet. The corpse is then simply disposed of by shooting the parapet at the point and throwing the corpse over the edge with a few shots.
  7. Two cars are parked in the garage under the main building. The one on the right has an alarm system that can be triggered if you shoot the target. Immediately afterwards a guard comes running, which you can do comfortably in front of the car. Furthermore, there is usually a guard two floors above, who looks down curiously and leans against the glass parapet. If you destroy the parapet, the guard falls down and the corpse is immediately "removed".

I'm sure I'll find a few more tips for you in the next few weeks, but I think we can simply use the post as an opportunity for "discussion". You are welcome to post your questions and answers as well as further tips in the comments!

By the way ... if you like Hitman Sniper and want to see the add-on Death Valley, you should be this article about Death Valley with my opinion on it.




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  1. Gino says:

    Hey, that's a great report on Hitman Sniper. Games for 2 days and didn't know a lot until now. I am sure I will read the tips more often. Thanks for the great effort.


    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Gino! Haha! Yeah, it's a nice game. I made it through recently and I'm now on Hitman Sniper: Death Valley, but it's just not as compelling as Montenegro ... if you have specific questions, just leave a comment - I love helping other hit men "! By the way, one of the best weapons in my opinion is the "jackal" ... unfortunately, the bonus points often do not earn enough points for the orders afterwards. But otherwise it is a very flexible rifle that is a good choice for many uses. :)

  2. Flinfish says:

    The best weapon by far is the "Griffin". Gimmick all levels thanks reach around 5.000.000 points

    • sir appleot says:

      Definitely a good weapon too. I had them on some assignments because of the high weapon bonus, but in most levels I found the jackal more appropriate. :)

  3. Henry08 says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot, great tips and reveal just as much that you can progress, but the game remains exciting. At first I was always looking for the "5th laptop". The jackal is really a good weapon. I use it in addition to the "Bringer of Joy".

    • sir appleot says:

      Yeah, it's a fun game. Unfortunately, I find the updates a bit disappointing. The extra weapons, like the Bringer of Joy, cost real money and the new textures are nothing new. At least I would have expected that one could shoot the reindeer or the Christmas lights - but it doesn't work ... it's just a graphic add-on that doesn't add anything to the game.

  4. mendipuh2011 says:

    Is there a way to replay the missions that have already been completed? Haven't found it yet.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Felix! I haven't had the game on my iPhone for a while because there was nothing new and this zombie story couldn't captivate me that much. That said, unfortunately I can't try it out. In a pinch, however, you should be able to start over if you delete the game from the iPad or iPhone and also delete the game status (I think he would have to ask for it when deleting). Then when you reinstall it, you'll have to start over.

  5. Norbert says:

    Hello, no problem. Since the last update you can simply go to Settings (top left). There is now a button "Reset to level 2". You keep your purchases and points and can start again at Mission 11. Works great!

    • sir appleot says:

      Thank you for your hint, Norbert! Fortunately, you don't have to do the nonsense of deleting and reinstalling. : D Nice that you have added the function!

  6. Daniel Zwahlen says:

    The enemies are not marked with me. Why is that?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Daniel! Phew, I haven't had the game on my iPhone for a long time. I think you had to aim at the person for a few seconds before it appeared to see if they were an enemy and if it was a special target. But I am no longer 100% sure ...

  7. Maximum says:

    I'm at a level that says 2 target elimination
    What does that mean?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Maxim! Oh wow I haven't played the game in years. But you probably need to take care of two specific (or one) specific people. These people then often only show up for a few seconds and you have to make sure that you take them off.

  8. Sarah says:

    Played Hitman Sniper on my iPad a short time ago and I have to say it's one of the best games I've played recently. You can see right at the beginning how many hours and hours of effort have been put into having such a great game in the end.

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