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The software company HitPaw from Hong Kong gave us a license code so that we can introduce you to its full range of functions. In this article you will find a small test of the HitPaw Video Converter app for Mac and PC. Contrary to what the name suggests, the program can not only convert video files from one format to another, but also for simple video editing tasks, for rotating and cropping, for compression, for effects and filters, for AI image creation, for image conversion, Spotify, Audible and other audio conversions and much more. I was quite surprised when I tested it.

HitPaw Video Converter: Download and purchase the full version

You can get a free trial version of the HitPaw Video Converter app Download from the provider website. There is not only the Mac version for macOS, but also the PC version for Windows. The trial version is really only intended for trying out. Because conversions are only carried out to a third of the file length. Streaming downloads (from Apple Music or Deezer) are limited to two tracks. And the video downloader only allows one download. 

These restrictions can be removed by subscribing or purchasing the full version, so that the functions described in this article can be used without restriction. The full version of HitPaw Video Converter can be purchased as a subscription starting at €19,95 or for a one-time fee of €79,95 (macOS) or €69,95 (Windows). Due to the range of functions, this is definitely a good offer. There is also currently a 20% Oktoberfest discount with the voucher code OKTOBEROFF. If you're interested, you shouldn't miss this one.

Load videos from 200 websites: quick and easy

To watch a video of one of the 200 supported websites To download it, you just have to copy its link. Then click on the download symbol in the middle in the “Download” tab of the HitPaw Video Converter app. A window will then open in which you can select the resolution of the target file or, as an alternative to the video download, the audio or thumbnail download. 

I used the link to a YouTube video to try out the download in all three resolutions offered. The file sizes that are displayed behind the individual options in the download selection differ from the file ultimately created. Either they show the size of the YouTube source or the target file is not predicted correctly. Anyway, it works. And that's the main thing.

Information in the download window Size of the created file
1080p Full HD 126,84 MB 81,5 MB
720p HD 19,72 MB 20,2 MB
480p SD 17,08 MB 10,1 MB

Convert video: various formats, codecs and devices

If you want to use HitPaw Video Converter to convert a video file from one format to another, then that is also possible - after all, the program is named after this function. In addition to the standard format for downloads (MP4) there are numerous others available for conversion, including their individual codecs for video and audio content. Here is an overview of the video formats offered for conversion:

  • MP4 (H.264, AAC)
  • MOV (H.264, AAC)
  • MKV (H.264, AAC)
  • M4V (H.264, AAC)
  • AVI (XVID, MP3)
  • ProRes (ProRes, AAC)
  • HEVC_MP4 (H.265, AAC)
  • HEVC_MKV (H.265, AAC)
  • WMV (WMV2, WMA2)
  • DivX (DIVX, MP3)
  • MPEG2 (MP2V, MP2)
  • VOB (MP2V, MP2)
  • 3GP (H.263, AAC)
  • 3G2 (XVID, AAC)
  • ASF (MPEG4, WMA2)
  • FLV (H.264, MP3)
  • F4V (H.264, AAC)
  • TS (H.264, MP2)
  • TRP (MP2V, MP2)
  • XVID (XVID, MP3)
  • M2T2 (H.264, AC3)

As you can see, in addition to current video file formats, there are also older formats for videos that many have long considered obsolete. This is especially useful if you want to prepare videos from newer formats for use on old devices. So you can then play them on the retro PC with Windows 98, on the old Mac with Mac OS X and on other devices such as cell phones and consoles if they can play one of the more special formats.

Convert video to audio: Conversion to numerous audio formats possible

In addition to converting videos to another video format, converting them to audio files is also available. You can select different bit rates for the following formats to adjust the quality and size of the target file: MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, M4R, AIFF, FLAC, AC3, AAC, OPUS, OGG, CAF, MKA. 

Convert video for specific devices or social media

If you can't do much with the individual formats or their fine settings, but want to prepare a video for use on a specific device or for uploading to a social media platform, then the HitPaw Video Converter also offers the right tools for this. These can also be selected via the “Convert” tab if you open the corresponding menu in the video selection there.

  • Device conversion: Adaptation of the resolution to specific smartphones or other devices from Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, OPPO, VIVO, Google, LG and OnePlus. The difference lies in the number of pixels and the aspect ratio. H.264 and AAC are used everywhere as codecs.
  • Social Media: Aspect ratio and resolution adjustment for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Likee, Vimeo and Bilibili. Depending on the platform, portrait and landscape resolutions can be selected. In addition, up to 8K resolution is possible on individual platforms. Here too, H.264 and AAC are used as video and audio codecs.

Edit video: trim, merge, rotate, filter, volume and more

Before you convert a recorded video for upload to another device or social media platform, you may want to customize it. There are various options available in the “Edit” tab. This selection is available: Cut, Merge, Crop & Rotate, Filter, Speed, Add Watermark, Adjust Volume. 

If you select one of the tiles, a separate window opens in which the adjustments can be made. The good thing about it: you don't have to edit a video individually, output it and then edit it again with the other tool. Crop & Rotate, Filter, Watermark, Speed, and Volume have dedicated tabs in the editing window, so all of these options can be applied in one go.

HitPaw Video Converter Toolbox: Everything and much more

HitPaw Video Converter is really misnamed. Although the app can convert videos, that is by far not the only task you can do with it. In the “Toolbox” tab you will find these application options in addition to the ones already shown:

  • Spotify Music Converter
  • Apple Music Converter
  • Deezer Music Converter
  • TIDAL Music Converter
  • Remove background (for images)
  • Screen recording
  • Speech to Text (AI tool)
  • Voice remover (AI tool)
  • Noise Remover (AI tool)
  • AI art generator (AI image generation)
  • YouTube Live Stream (Download Tool)
  • DVD burner
  • Video/Image Compressor
  • Image converter
  • Audible Converter
  • Download Instagram
  • image editing
  • 2D video to 3D video
  • Video to GIF

High-resolution AI imaging in various aspect ratios and styles

When it comes to a video converter, you don't expect that it also includes an option for AI image creation in a hodgepodge of different tools. Of course, this, among the many other things, particularly interested (and surprised) me. In addition to an initial image that you want the AI ​​creation to come close to, a prompt in text form can be used. You can also select an aspect ratio (1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 9:16 or 3:4) and different resolutions - up to 3.840 x 2.048 pixels. 

In addition to “No Style”, numerous styles and art genres can be selected: Realism, Anime, Oil Paint, Watercolor, Child, Game, Sketch, Movie, Future, Unreal, Impressionism, CG, Cyberpunk, VFX, HappyNewYear, Style Attractive, Style OOTD , Style Delicious, Ghibli, Pixel Art, Ukiyo-e, Surrealism, Matte, Photography, Style Vintage and Style Fluffy. With the many setting options, specifications and genres, it should be noted that no AI model appears to be installed locally on the hard drive.

The prompts and other settings are sent to some server. You can easily test this by turning off the WiFi and then clicking on the “Create” button. Then nothing happens. I cannot say which AI models are used by which provider on which servers. In any case, two images are created per run, which can then be downloaded as a PNG file. If you prefer a JPEG or another image format, the app's toolbox also includes the appropriate converter.

HitPaw Video Converter: a jack of all trades

The name “Video Converter” is the understatement of the century for this HitPaw app. In addition to converting videos, they can also be downloaded from all kinds of websites. They can also be trimmed, edited, converted to audio, converted for specific devices, and more. There are also numerous tools for images and audio, regardless of video sources. There are also converters for streaming services, a DVD burner, tools for compressing files and AI image creation with numerous options. Anyone who can do something with two, three or more of the individual options should consider purchasing one.

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