Hocus Focus - Mac App hides inactive programs

Hocus Focus is an app for macOS that hides programs or their windows on the desk immediately or after a set time. Profiles for different work and leisure activities of the Apple Mac can be defined, in which a separate time-out period can be set up for each program. For example, mail can be hidden after 5 minutes while Safari only disappears from the desk after half an hour without being used - or whatever suits your workflow. You can find the Hocus Focus download in the form of a .zip file on the Developer website.

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With the Hocus Focus App, program windows can be automatically hidden - so the Mac desk remains distraction-free.

With the Hocus Focus App, program windows can be automatically hidden - so the Mac desk remains distraction-free.

Hocus Focus cleans up the Mac desk

The Hocus Focus App ensures that unused program windows are removed from the background. Because who does not know this: You are currently working on a document, a video, a table or another project and want to implement something from the desktop, a folder or another location. To do this, you minimize the current window with the project - and whoosh shows up a stack of windows that you first have to minimize or close, possibly with the question of whether you want to save this or that. This leads to the fact that one is completely torn from concentrating on the actual project ... 

By automatically hiding apps that are not being used, Hocus Focus helps minimize distractions in the truest sense of the word. You can determine in advance whether and when certain apps or their windows should be hidden. So if you only ever start a playlist in iTunes or Spotify and then don't want to continue using the window, let it fade out after a short time or when you open another window. For windows that you need permanently even if you are not actively using them, you can also set that they are never hidden.

Conclusion on the workflow helper

The Hocus Focus app, which is described on the developer side as the Houdini successor (if anyone else knows it), is a very helpful addition in macOS. The software has not been updated for a long time, but the current version should also work with the current operating systems of the Apple Mac - including macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave. What do you think about it? Is this the first time you hear about the software, do you already know it or do you perhaps use a better alternative? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic :) 


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