HomeKit Secure Video for eufyCam 2 and eufyCam 2C

For current models of surveillance cameras from eufy, for the eufyCam 2 and 2C, an automatic update is currently being rolled out, which will make the cameras compatible with Apple's HomeKit Secure Video. This not only ensures that the recordings are evaluated locally on Apple devices, but can also be saved in the iCloud - this eliminates the need for manufacturer-side servers or the expansion of the manufacturer's hardware. Different storage functions are enabled depending on the iCloud plan. In the following you will find detailed information and my previous experiences with the devices, for which there is also a separate review.

An update has been rolled out for the anchors eufy eufyCam 10 and 2020C since June 2, 2 so that they can be used via HomeKit Secure Video with Apple hardware and iCloud.
An update has been rolled out for the anchors eufy eufyCam 10 and 2020C since June 2, 2 so that they can be used via HomeKit Secure Video with Apple hardware and iCloud.

eufy eufyCam 2 / 2C now with HomeKit Secure Video

By using HomeKit Secure Video - provided that eufy cameras and Apple hardware are coupled - you can save, share and view video recordings via the iCloud. If an iPad, HomePod or Apple TV is set up as a home hub, its computing power is used to analyze the camera image live and locally. Depending on the settings, notifications are then sent when vehicles, people or animals are detected. The encrypted storage of the surveillance camera recordings in the iCloud is normally possible for the last ten days.

If you use the Apple iCloud with a 200 GB storage plan, you can also save the activities of the surveillance cameras when using the eufyCam 2 and eufyCam 2C. As the manufacturer states, with a 2 TB storage plan it is possible to save the video material from up to five eufyCams in the Apple cloud. The good thing about it: the recorded video activities are not counted towards the storage limit of the online storage. The storage of the recordings works parallel to the booked memory, which you can still use for your documents, photos and other things.

Buy eufyCam 2 and eufyCam 2C

The 1080p Full HD surveillance cameras, which have a very long battery life, can be ordered from Amazon, among others. The set of 2 comes with two weatherproof wireless cameras and a bridge, which can be used as local storage. The battery life is 365 days. View and buy the set you can with this link.

eufy security eufyCam 2, double set, wireless security system with surveillance camera, 365 days...
  • FULL HD QUALITY: 1080p resolution ensures that every shot is recorded crystal clear.
  • 365 DAYS OF BATTERY LIFE: Your surveillance camera will serve you for a whole year after just one charge!
  • NO CHARGES: eufyCam 2 is a one-time purchase and does not require any additional charges afterwards.

The 2C set also includes two weatherproof wireless surveillance cameras and a bridge. The set is 110 euros cheaper, but the battery life of the cameras is "only" 180 days. Another difference is the improved recognition of objects. For example, the detection of birds, dogs and leaves gives 95% fewer "false alarms". All details and information about the night vision function can be found on this product page.

7,99 EUR
eufy Security eufyCam 2C, outdoor surveillance camera, 180 days battery, HD 1080p, IP67 weatherproof,...
  • FULL HD QUALITY: 1080p resolution ensures that every shot is recorded crystal clear. The 135 ° ...
  • 180 DAYS BATTERY LIFE: Your outdoor surveillance camera will serve you for half a year after one charge!
  • DAY AND NIGHT: Our advanced night vision technology guarantees that your home will be safe during the day and most importantly ...

Experience from the eufyCam test

I have been testing the cameras described for a few months and can already draw a positive interim conclusion. Before I can present you with a comprehensive review, here are the most important points:

  • As usual from Anker (the manufacturer behind the eufy brand), the setup is very easy
  • The wireless network that the base station opens extends significantly further than my WLAN, which I created with Google Wifi Mesh points
  • Defining areas in the camera image in order to only detect movements there and trigger a recording works very well
  • We have four cats and the pet detection works 99% - with a few exceptions and one bird, the camera has only started recording on humans so far
  • The image quality is also great and absolutely sufficient for a surveillance camera
  • The app for calling up live broadcasts and stored videos is easy to use, it runs stably and there are only a few suggestions for improvement on my part (all recordings at the same time instead of just being able to delete daily for example)

You can look forward to a more comprehensive review; he's coming shortly. Like to subscribe to mine Newsletter to stay up to date. And write me a comment if you want to share your experiences with the surveillance cameras from Anker / eufy;)

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