How big is the battery of the Apple iPhone 6 or 6 plus?

iPhone 6 battery

A reader asked me how big the battery is iPhone 6/6plus is. This of course means the capacity in mAh. The "small" iPhone 6 has, according to the craft professionals of iFixit a battery with 1810 mAh at a voltage of 3,82 V. The battery of the iPhone 6 plus even has 2915 mAh, which is of course possible due to the larger space in the 5,5 inch iPhone. In any case, both batteries are significantly larger than the 1560 mAh Li-Ion battery in the iPhone 5 / 5s installed is.

iPhone 6 battery

The battery of the iPhone 6 is a real bundle of energy at just 28 grams (Photo:

For me, the battery lasts significantly longer on the 4,7 inch iPhone 6 than on the iPhone 5. However, you have to take into account that on the one hand the processor is probably not as fast at its performance limit when playing as on the iPhone 5 and on the other hand mine had iPhone 5 battery has been charging for a good two years, while the battery of the iPhone 6 is still fresh.

In principle, the iPhone 6 battery lasts for the entire day. The only exceptions are actually when I'm cycling or hiking and use apps that activate GPS. Then you can clearly feel that the battery reaches its limit within a few hours. For this reason, I always use a power bank that I always have with me.

Anker 15000 mAh power bank

The 15.000 mAh power bank from Anker is very good for charging the iPad (Photo: Amazon).

The model is included for most tours 5600 mAh sufficient, while the large power bank from Anker is also available when camping or using the iPad 15.000 mAh is packed. Both impeccably good additional batteries that can be used for all devices with a USB charging port. And very practical: Both have a built-in LED, which you can use in the tent or in the evening when it is dark early to "imitate" a very bright flashlight.



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