How can I delete certain web pages from Firefox?

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Icon ask Sir ApfelotHello Sir Apfelot! I have a question: I use the Firefox web browser and don't want certain domains, which I visit frequently, to appear at the top of the URL line for autocomplete. It's always a bit embarrassing when I want to show something on the laptop to customers and then domains appear in the line that have nothing to do with my work. Thanks in advance for the answer!

Answer: There are two ways to achieve the desired result. Option 1 is that you repeatedly delete these entries yourself from the history of the browser or call up the "critical" ones via "New private window" under "File". In Chrome this is called "[Incognito mode-> anonymous surfing]". This means that practically all things such as cookies, sales and the like are deleted after the browser window is closed.

If you find this too cumbersome, you can do it Look at Firefox add-on "HistoryBlock". If you have installed this, you can enter certain domains, which will then no longer appear in the history in the future. Incidentally, you cannot see the blocked domains. With this, for example, no boss can look up what is being blocked.

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The exact procedure is as follows:

  1. install the FireFox addon "HistoryBlock"
  2. then go to "Extras" -> "Add-ons"
  3. there you will find the entry "HistoryBlock", where you click on "Settings" to the right
  4. Now a small window opens, through which you can block or unblock a domain. A domain is entered like this:

Now the sides are however still present in the chronicleso that the autocomplete will still list the domains when you start typing something. You now have to delete this manually:

  1. one selects the menu "Chronicle" -> "Show complete chronicle"
  2. then select "this month" on the left and enter the domain to be blocked in the search field at the top
  3. All matching entries now appear in the table below, all of which can be removed with "Select all" and "Delete"
  4. this step is repeated with the older months so that everything is really "clean"

Now you can check the whole thing and in a new browser window at the top of the URL line "www." enter. Now you type in the other letters of the blocked domains and if everything went well, these should no longer be completed automatically.



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