How do I get rid of the blue border around the Apple Watch?

Blue border on Apple Watch

I'm playing around a lot with my new Apple Watch 8 and testing various functions. Suddenly, however, I saw a display that I didn't know before: a blue border lit up on the very outside of the display, which irritated me a bit.

Get rid of the blue border on the Apple Watch: Disable "Settings" → "Accessibility" → "Apple Watch Sync" on the iPhone

What does the blue border mean?

There are actually different opinions here. In the Apple support forum it is written that this is the indication that the "Assistive Touch" accessibility feature is activated on the Apple Watch.

I've tried this on myself and I have to admit: when Assistive Touch is activated, I don't see a blue border.

However, what creates the blue border for me is the "Apple Watch Sync" option. If you activate this function, you get an Apple Watch displayed on the iPhone, which mirrors exactly what you see on the current Apple Watch.

For me, the blue edge came from the Apple Watch sync feature I tried a few minutes earlier (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
For me, the blue edge came from the Apple Watch sync feature I tried a few minutes earlier (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

How to get rid of the blue border!

However, what happened to me: I had activated the Apple Watch sync function and then took care of other things. After a while I noticed the blue border and went into the settings to stop the synchronization.

However, the option was marked as not active and I still had the blue border on the Apple Watch. I strongly assume that there is still an error in here iOS 16 available, which will be resolved soon.

Until then, however, you can help yourself as follows to remove the blue frame:

  • Go to settings on iPhone
  • then Accessibility
  • From there, open the “Apple Watch Sync” option
  • now set the switch to active (green) and deactivate it again after a few seconds

I had an "I'm busy" icon running for a while, but it wouldn't go any further. I then closed the window with a swipe up and the blue frame on the Apple Watch was gone.

If that doesn't help you, you can still look for the "Assistive Touch" option:

  • Open the "Watch" app on the iPhone
  • there "Accessibility"
  • Accessibility
  • then open the “Assistive Touch” item in the “Motor Skills” area

I hope one of the two options will get rid of the blue border.

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