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VDSL Speed ​​Test Measure internet speed for streaming, VoD, HD, gaming, online games

How fast is my Internet actually, one wonders when a stream loads too long, a download feels like two days or the upload of data takes far too much time. If you also want to know how fast downstream and upstream your Internet connection is, there are various speed test tools and tips for DSL and cable. I have compiled a few tools for measuring internet speed as well as information on which type of internet use (video streaming, gaming) which minimum speeds are recommended for you here.

How fast is my internet? - The DSL speed test from Telekom also works with a fiber optic connection from Kabel Deutschland. Here in the guide you will find tools for measuring download, upload and ping.

How fast is my internet? - The DSL speed test from Telekom also works with a fiber optic connection from Kabel Deutschland. Here in the guide you will find tools for measuring download, upload and ping.

How fast is my internet?

There are various offers and web applications to test the speed of your Internet connection. The upload and download test can be carried out specially designed for DSL or cable. Incidentally, it is not only helpful to carry out a single test, but to carry out several tests for both DSL and cable Internet connections. Because depending on the day of the week and the time, the load on the network is very different. The speed test during the week will show different results than on Friday evening or on the weekend - because there are always fluctuations and peaks in use by other network participants.

VDSL / DSL speed test for your connection

Without any lengthy preliminary skirmish you want to have answered the question "How fast is my Internet?" Let's start with the DSL / VDSL connections and the corresponding test tools on the web. There are different providers for the DSL speed test:

Cable speed test for the fiber optic network

You can not only subject DSL connections to a test, but also have the download, upload and ping speeds measured by this or that provider. Whether directly from Kabel Deutschland, Telekom, Tele Columbus, Unitymedia and Co. or from more independent providers - you shouldn't just leave it to a test with the cable connection, but tests every now and then, if necessary several times a week and a day, start:

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Close programs and apps for the speed test

A little tip so that you can determine the maximum values ​​of your connection as far as possible: close other programs and apps before the speed test, especially those that require an Internet connection or establish one for updates. In addition to mail programs, Dropbox, web browsers (or other tabs in it), iTunes and Co., this also includes Messenger, the antivirus program and so on. The latter should of course only be switched off shortly before the test and on again immediately after the test for optimal protection.

Why take a measurement?

Perhaps someone advised you to do a speed test and you are now wondering why you should check the DSL or cable connection. Perhaps you also want to compare tariffs and see what service you are currently satisfied with. Or you just want to check whether your provider has provided the correct information for the tariff (s) booked. Because mostly tariffs are advertised with an “up to” value.

"One in four surfs not even half as fast as promised“, Was the headline Süddeutsche Zeitung as early as 2014. If you determine significantly lower rates in the speed test than in the tariff description, then in case of doubt you can even cancel extraordinarily, wrote the Focus a few years ago. Providers should also provide realistic mean values ​​for Internet and mobile internet connections - not just the maximum value, which is almost never reached anyway, judged the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main 2015.

Minimum speed for streaming, gaming and Co.

You may want to want to before signing up for a Netflix subscription or signing up with Amazon Prime, Maxdome, Hulu, etc. but also find out whether your internet is sufficient for streaming. Here are the values ​​given by individual video-on-demand providers as recommendations (download direction) so that a stream runs smoothly:

  • Films in SD (Standard Definition): at least 2 to 3 Mbit / s
  • Movies in HD (High Definition): at least 5 Mbit / s
  • Movies in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition): at least 15 Mbit / s

But not only films and series as well as documentaries will be via legal streaming sent over the internet. Video games can also be played online via PC, Mac and consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. They can also be downloaded and updated via an internet connection. By the way, Microsoft has issued minimum values ​​of 1,5 Mbit / s download and 200 kbit / s upload for the Xbox One. But more is better; from 16 Mbit / s it doesn't matter anymore, then you're fine. The ping (latency) also plays an important role. In PvP games, values ​​up to 20 ms, a maximum of 30 ms are okay; Values ​​around / from 100 ms cause lags and thus frustrating games.

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Conclusion and your opinion

Which provider or which web tool do you use to measure the speed of your connections? Have you been able to successfully cancel or downgrade a tariff after regularly measuring underground values ​​and thus save money? Feel free to leave your opinions and experiences on the topic - and please indicate the service you prefer. I think that in 2017 or 2018 at the latest it will finally be time for fast internet to be standard in Germany. Because no matter whether PC, Mac, laptop, MacBook, mobile phone or tablet: today the Internet is simply a part of everyday life, work and leisure.


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