How lucrative is an affiliate partnership with Amazon for coupons?

Amazon affiliate earnings with vouchers

Earning money from the sale of goods with which you have nothing to do organizationally sounds like easy money - and it is. Participating in an affiliate program with larger manufacturers makes this possible. Vouchers offer considerable potential for a partner program because they are now so widespread that many customers make their purchase dependent on the existence of a voucher.

A cooperation with Amazon, for example, the world's largest online department store, whose business policy is very open to affiliate marketing, is lucrative.

How Much Can an Amazon Affiliate Partner Earn With Coupons?

The earning potential through an affiliate partnership with Amazon depends on each product category, in which there are different earning opportunities. The range of profit sharing is in relation to Coupons for Amazon between 1 and 12%.

The affiliate partnership with Amazon is popular because the commissions are quite noticeable compared to the relatively low effort.

Vouchers have long been popular as gifts and are not losing their popularity. How you can earn money as an affiliate partner is explained here.
Vouchers have long been popular as gifts and are not losing their popularity. How you can earn money as an affiliate partner is explained here.

How popular are vouchers in online retail?

Anyone who relies on vouchers when cooperating with the industry leader has made a good choice, because vouchers have become fully established in e-commerce. Consumer studies prove the popularity of vouchers among German customers time and time again. In a study by Newsletter2Go, 39% of respondents said they had used at least one voucher in the past three months.

A study by even came to the conclusion that two thirds of its participants had made a purchase with a voucher in the last month. A Dialego survey was about how the existence of vouchers affects the purchase decision. 12% would “definitely” buy the product and around 30% would tend to do so (“rather yes”).

Tips for trading with vouchers

It goes without saying that products are more likely to be purchased if the advertisement is attractive. The question of what attractiveness actually means in online retail is more critical. On the Internet, customers are so exposed to advertising that they more or less block it out when surfing. The effect actually increases with the intrusiveness of the advertising, so the advertising should be as subtle as possible and linked to something pleasant. As a blogger on websites or social media, you have control over what content you create to market your products.

It is important that the advertising content is not obvious and that the content offers readers and viewers added value. When it comes to the type of vouchers, coupons with a fixed discount value are more successful than saving percentages. According to market researchers, this is due to the fact that the savings effect is tangible for the customer with an amount in euros and is not abstract.

Signing up for the affiliate program on Amazon

Participation in the Amazon affiliate partner program requires registration on the platform Amazon PartnerNet necessary. You can find further information and helpful tips for Amazon partners in the resource center. Now you enter your address, contact details, account number and your websites and accounts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

The shipping giant asks questions about the products that you want to advertise and about the character of your own website. This makes it easier for Amazon to classify the partner. After successful registration, you get access to the Amazon partner panel and the application is complete.

What should be considered when partnering with Amazon?

Affiliate partners should knowthat after successfully registering with Amazon, they must first make three sales before Amazon checks the application. Among other things, this involves ensuring that the terms of the contract are complied with. Amazon, for example, forbids exact price information for the offer because it changes constantly and it does not make a good impression when customers see that the product was once cheaper.

If this has not yet been done, the activity must be registered with the tax office, whereupon you will receive a tax identification number. Amazon will also ask for the tax ID during the application process.

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