How many mAh does the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have?

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The original battery that Samsung ships with the Galaxy S3 has 2100 mAh. Since this is not enough for many people, there are different solutions to give the smartphone more power and thus a longer runtime.

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The first variant is to use a battery that has the same dimensions as the original Samsung battery, but has more capacity (= more mAh). Such a battery is for example that of spare battery mumbi, which has 300 mAh more than the original and thus brings 2400 mAh on the "scales".

If you need more power, you can get a battery that is thicker than the original, but also has more than twice as much power. The battery comes with a new cover for the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which, together with the battery, ensures that the smartphone can be properly closed again. After the "conversion", however, the smartphone is a bit thicker than before. However, some customers write that this is by no means negative, as it is more "grippy" and sits better in the hand. You need the for this conversion Anker 4400 mAh battery including battery compartment cover.

And if you can't get there even with the 4400 mAh because you have to get by for a few days without a socket and charging option, you should use a power bank. This is an external battery that can fully recharge the smartphone several times. For hardcore use this is 12.000 mAh model from EasyAcc to be recommended (this is with The Amazon Incidentally, the offer has been reduced by more than 50%!). That should help everyone. :)

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