What does it cost to repair water damage to MacBook Pro / Air models?

Water damage to the Apple MacBook is not a nice thing. The first thing you should of course switch off the device and take off the power. If water gets into the Mac, it should be removed as soon as possible and the hardware dried - if using a hairdryer, then not too hot so as not to damage the components of the MacBook. In order to prevent corrosion and consequential damage or to repair damaged parts, it is also advisable to involve specialists. Repairing water damage to MacBook Pro / Air models includes: B. to the service of Sadagian. If you mention the Sir Apfelot blog, you will even get a discount!

TL; DR: Click here to go directly to the repair service from Hamburg

What is the cost of repairing water damage on Apple MacBook Pro / Air models? What are the costs if liquid gets into the laptop? You can find the answers here.

What is the cost of repairing water damage on Apple MacBook Pro / Air models? What are the costs if liquid gets into the laptop? You can find the answers here.

Water damage to the MacBook: Sadaghian only replaces damaged components

At Sadaghian, the focus isn't on making big bucks out of repairing Apple Mac models. Rather, the focus is on conserving resources, since not entire modules and component groups are replaced, but only the individual element that is damaged. If the fault can be localized more precisely, it is even possible to rectify the fault by means of a targeted repair. That sounds like a lot of effort (and depending on the case it certainly is), but it ensures low costs. The price of a Mac repair can be kept low due to fewer spare parts being used.

The price: What does the repair of water damage to the MacBook cost?

Of course, this differs from case to case. If only one cleaning is to be carried out, the costs are of course kept to a minimum. In the event of short circuits and other damage, it is important to consider which components have been affected and what needs to be replaced. Because water damage to the MacBook is not the same as a second water damage to another MacBook. 

Depending on where which liquid has spread, sometimes it is only necessary to replace the keyboard, change a loudspeaker or create a new contact. In addition, of course, the damage is also different if a liquid other than just water runs into the MacBook, such as coffee, juice or alcohol. Of course, some things can stick together as a result of drying. In short: the price of water damage repairs on the Apple Mac depends on the individual case.

Have your Apple Mac repaired and take advantage of the Sir-Apfelot discount

If you have a request via the website Mentioned by Sadaghian or by phone that you heard about the service in my blog - and if you got the discount code SYRAP stated - then you can lower the price further. How much discount you get depends on the damage and price. With a performance of 60 euros, a discount of 50 euros would be a bit too much;) 

At least 10 or 20 euros should be in it. One of the employees also recently informed me that he had heard that a customer on the phone was even granted a discount of 50 euros. But as I said: that certainly depends on the respective price, to which the discount must of course be in relation. The analysis of the sent device and the cost estimate are free at Sadaghian.

Transparency notice: Affiliate link to the repair service website

Do you want to have water or coffee damage on your Mac repaired, do you need a battery change on the MacBook or a display change on the iMac? Or are other repairs required on the Apple computer? Then like to use the competent service of Sadaghian from Hamburg. Incidentally, the links to the repair service website given in this article and the one linked at the beginning are affiliate links. That means that I get a commission for inquiries about corresponding page views. You have no disadvantages, the price is of course the same or even a smaller one with the discount code SIRAPF;)


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