How much mAh does the battery of the Apple iPhone 5 have?

The battery of the iPhone 5 is 1440 mAh

Officially there is no information about the capacity of the battery, but the guys from iFixit take every new Apple device under the microscope and take it apart beforehand and on their pages you can find the information of 1440 mAh, which is the lithium-ion battery of the iPhone 5 offers.

The battery of the iPhone 5 is 1440 mAh

The battery of the iPhone 5 has 1440 mAh (Photo:

As a rule (at least for me) you can get a full day with it. However, if you play harder or if you are on the road for a long time with the navigation app or other apps that use the GPS, you will not quite make it. For navigation users there is a [car charging cable-> car charging cable-iphone] so that the iPhone can be charged while driving. For example, we recommend the fast car charger from [Wicked Chilli-> wicked-chili], which charges devices such as the iPhone, iPad or iPad mini with 1200 mA. However, it only offers one USB output, so it is advisable to order a Lightning USB cable at the same time.

is required for the new generations of iPad, iPad mini and iPhone. "]

If you need more battery power and don't have a cigarette lighter available, you can get an additional battery with which you can refill the [iPhone 5-> iphone] at short notice. There are either additional batteries that are connected to the iPhone with a cable or those that are "flanged" to the iPhone as a back shell. These so-called [Powercases-> powercase] make the iPhone a bit clunkier, but you always have them with you. Here is a good representative of both solutions that can be recommended:


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