How much mAh does the MacBook Pro's battery have?

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Icon ask Sir ApfelotAn interesting question that was brought to me today is related to that MacBook Pro battery capacity: "How much mAh does the battery of the MacBook ProThe answer was not that easy to find and of course you have to differentiate between the different models of the Apple laptop, because the 15 inch Retina MacBook has a different Lipo battery than the version without Retina display, and then there is also the 13 inch models. Since 2016 a distinction has been made between Function Key and Touch Bar models ...

Capacities of the MacBook Pro batteries from 2009 to 2016 (no claim to completeness)

The following table shows the values ​​that I use iFixit was able to find out (updated on February 3, 2017):

  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ Unibody 2009/2010/2011/2012: 5.500 - 5.800 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 15 ″ Unibody 2009/2010/2011/2012: approx. 7.078 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ Retina Display Late 2012: 6.600 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 15 ″ Retina Display Mid 2012: 8.460 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ Retina Display Late 2013 / Mid 2014: 6.332 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 15 ″ Retina Display Late 2013 / Mid 2014: 8.440 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ Retina Display Early 2015: 6.559 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 15 ″ Retina Display Mid 2015: 8.757 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ Function Key Late 2016: 4.776 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ Touch Bar Late 2016: 4.312 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 15 ″ Touch Bar Late 2016: 6.667 mAh

Extend battery life with an additional battery

The question about the mAh is particularly interesting with regard to the use of one Power bank to extend the life of the MacBook Pro. These additional batteries, which can be used to charge laptops, smartphones or other devices without a mains connection, are called power banks. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with charging the MacBook with such a power bank. There are also only a few models that come with one MagSafeadapters and even they still use MagSafe 1 and need to be re-equipped with a MagSafe 2 adapter.

Update from February 3, 2017: The MacBook Pro models now have Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C ports. This makes using a power bank with a MacBook or MacBook Pro much easier.

Tips and tricks for battery life from Apple

Under the headline Learn about batteries in Mac notebooks has Apple this extensive support article released. In the guide to batteries in MacBook / MacBook Pro you will not only find bare numbers, as in the table above, but also settings in the system of the individual models. These can be used to reduce battery consumption.

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