How old is the iPhone? Use the serial number to determine the age of a used purchase!

How old is the iPhone? - You might ask yourself this when you want to buy a used Apple smartphone or have already bought it. A check can be worthwhile, especially with older generations that have been produced over several years and perhaps with one or the other upgrade. If you want to find out the age of the iPhone, you can use the serial number, among other things. How and where, I'll tell you in this little guide post;)

How old is the iPhone? You can find out here! I have selected two ways for you to determine the age of the iPhone - using the serial number.

How old is the iPhone? You can find out here! I've picked out two ways for you to determine the age of the iPhone - with the help of the serial number.

How old is the iPhone? Determine with serial number!

You may have received the used device as a gift from relatives or friends, or you got one iPhone bought used. And now you want to determine the age of the iPhone in order to determine technical data, compatibility with software and accessories, and other information. What you need for this is the serial number of the device and the appropriate online service. I will come to two examples of online inquiries about the age of the iPhone in a moment. First of all, of course, you have to know how to find out the serial number of your Apple smartphone:

  • You will find the serial number and / or IMEI on the back of the mobile phone
  • Via iTunes you can read out the serial number in the device list - via quick info
  • New devices can also be read out through a connection with Mac / PC and iTunes
  • Details and illustrated instructions: Find out iPhone IMEI and serial number

So now you know the serial number of your iPhone. With this you can official Apple site for service and support Call up and have your Apple mobile phone checked for the corresponding claim. Look at the expiry date of the guarantee in the result and calculate back one year - that is the date of purchase of the device. But if it's already a few years old, then of course that won't really help you because the warranty has already expired.

Find out the age of your iPhone - accurate to one week

But do not be despaired if the Apple site does not provide a useful result! Because there is another small and fine Dutch website, with which you can find out the age of the iPhone (from production, not from first purchase). Although the page can only be called up in Dutch with an English translation, it is also very easy to use without understanding what has been written. Enter the iPhone serial number in the text field and after clicking on the button below you will find out which specs and how old your mobile phone is. In addition to the production week and year, you will also find out details about the display, memory, processor and the like. Of course, there is no guarantee that the information will be one hundred percent correct.


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  1. henna man says:

    Why don't you just use the CoconutBattery-2 app for your MacBook?
    You can use it to read out all Apple products, including production date, charging cycles, battery status and much more.
    I've been using it for years

    Greetings Hennaman

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Hennaman! Very simple: Coconut Battery can only be used on devices that are physically in front of you. If you want to buy a used iPhone, you usually only have the serial number or the IMEI number from the seller and you have to see what you can check with it. Otherwise, I'm also a big fan of Coconut Battery. The app is really great!

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