Instructions: Import Firefox bookmarks into Safari

Export Firefox bookmarks

After my Firefox was bugging all day yesterday and was sometimes loading websites for minutes that were there in 10 seconds in Safari, today I decided to use Safari as my default browser again. To do this, all bookmarks from Firefox must first be saved and imported into Safari. I will show you how this works in this guide.

Export bookmarks from Firefox

The first step is to save the bookmarks in HTML format. Safari can import this without any problems and it also adopts an existing folder structure that you may have previously created in Firefox.

  1. Open Firefox
  2. "Bookmarks" menu -> "Manage bookmarks".
  3. Then select the "All Bookmarks" folder on the left.
  4. And click on the gray asterisk above. A menu then opens from which you select "Export bookmarks to HTML".
  5. Firefox then asks where to save the file - I chose the desktop.
Export Firefox bookmarks

The export of bookmarks works in Firefox via the bookmark management.

Import bookmarks into Safari

Importing bookmarks is very easy in Safari. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. "File" menu -> "Import bookmarks".
  3. Then select the HTML file in the file window that you just saved in Firefox (it was on my desktop and was called "bookmarks.html").
  4. If you then click "Import", it initially looks as if nothing has happened, but Safari has created a new folder in the bookmarks with today's date and imported all the bookmarks there.
  5. If you want to view and manage the newly imported bookmarks, click on "Edit bookmarks" in the "Bookmarks" menu.
Import Safari bookmarks

Importing the bookmarks into Safari is a very quick step. The bookmarks are imported into a new folder in the bookmarks.



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