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Who for Philips Hue as well as interested in alternatives such as Osram Smart +, IKEA Trādfri, Nanoleaf or LIFX, you will find interesting reports, news and advice in the Hueblog. The German language website all about smart light, its integration into the smart home and news from the market has been by the makers since 2017 the app dangers page operated. If you want to use the offer, but plan to do so primarily on the iPhone or iPad, you can also use the Hueblog app - you will find it with this link. From the start of the page through the year 2018 to the new year 2019 there was and is exciting news and information about smart lights.

The Hueblog from - news, advice and answers to questions about Philips Hue. 2019

The Hueblog from - news, advice and answers to questions about Philips Hue.

Categories in the Hueblog of app risks

On the website about Philips Hue and related topics, of course, you start with the first Home in the well-lit offer. There you will find the latest reports, news and information about Hue, compatible devices and systems as well as alternatives. The screenshot shown above is a snapshot from the end of January 2019. The tab can also be found on the Hue page Community, which shows questions and suggestions about Philips Hue that come from the readers. The point News can be called up as an overview of all news or selected specifically for apps, hardware and co.

In the area Offers it is called noun it omen. Because here various offers, discounts, new releases and price hits are presented. Here, too, information is provided with regard to cash-back campaigns. The menu item is also particularly interesting How-To, since all possible assistance is offered here for the use of Philips Hue, compatible systems, alternatives and apps. Whether Hue Bridge or Siri commands, there is everything here. Under the last point More you will find information on the Hueblog app, contact with the editorial team and the newsletter for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date with Hue.

Philips Hue - Smart Home and smart contributions

If you liked the description of the digital offer, you will certainly also find the posts in the blog Philips Hue accept. Whether via the website or the app - there you will find a lot of news and assistance - about Smart Home, Apple HomeKit, offers on Amazon, light combinations with the right switch or a smart socket and, and, and. As I said: the offer was launched in 2017 and was able to present a lot of content over 2018 as well as in January 2019. You will definitely find an answer there if you have a question about Philips Hue;)

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