Cannot buy iCloud storage - is the cloud broken?

Apple iCloud
Apple iCloud

The Apple iCloud: The cloud for Apple users.

A few days ago Apple's automatic mail assistant penetrated me several times, but finally to free up more memory in the [iCloud-> iCloud], as I use more than the 5 GB I have booked and my plan will soon be up from the free 20 GB 5 GB is limited. Of course, I ignored all warnings and wanted to see what happened.

When I just wanted to check my emails, no more new ones arrived at my @me address, but I got the message that I've already filled all 5 GB of memory and that I should make sure there is free memory in the cloud. Well, I thought, before I mess around for a long time, I'll book this storage space upgrade and I'll be able to receive and send emails again. So I went directly to Settings and iCloud on my iPhone and wanted to book the storage upgrade there. A new page opened in the App Settings, which unfortunately was completely black. I was irritated. I thought my iPhone had a glitch and restarted it. Unfortunately, the next try gave the same black screen.

Well. I wanted to sort it out and sat down at the Mac. Here, too, upgrading the storage is similar: Settings -> iCloud -> Manage and buy storage space. And amazingly, I was also confronted with a window here that did not make me happy:

iCloud error 503 Service Unavailable

The cloud is gone: iCloud acknowledges an attempt to buy the storage upgrade with the error iCloud Error 503 Service Unavailable.

What's going on in the Apple cloud? Are there too many old accounts that are expiring and want to shop for storage?


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