What is an .idx file and how can I open it?

idx file
idx file

What is an .idx file?

Question: I found an .idx file in the directory of a domain when I accessed it via [FTP-> ftp-programs-mac]. My Mac tried to open the file with VLC, but it was missing. Which program should I use to open these IDX files?

Answer: An .idx file is just an "overview" that a program has created. Most of the time IDX can be translated with "index", so that this file is an index of a database or another collection of data.

There are various software programs that create files with the idx file extension, but since you were talking about a domain, I assume that it is an index that was created by the software [web2date by Data Becker-> web2date-Alternativ]. I once discovered such a file on a customer's website and it was originally developed with web2date. I was able to open the file with a simple text editor - in my case [BBEDIT-> bbedit]. It was then deleted because it was indexed by Google and thus caused a [Duplicate-Content-Problem-> duplicate-content].

But as I said: The file may also come from completely different software that I am not familiar with.

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