IKEA BookBook commercial - The swipe at the Apple advertisement

IKEA BookBook commercial

Admittedly, the term "amazing" appears quite often in Apple advertising, maybe a little too often? If you look at the (now somewhat outdated) IKEA advertising for the 2015 catalog, you may notice which parts of the Apple advertising are being presented a little exaggerated. I think it's "amazing". :)

Still: A funny IKEA commercial that we Apple fanboys (like the Apple jokes) take with humor ...

So here for you "Experience the power of a bookbook ™":

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  1. Johnboi says:

    This message could be read everywhere over a year ago ...

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Johnboi! I know I already know that. I don't see my blog as a current news page on the topic, but rather as a hodgepodge, in which older things also have their place. Anyone who already knows the spot will read over it anyway. And I still knew people who didn't know him. That's why I thought it was worth another article. :)

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