iMac or MacBook Pro won't start? That may be the reason!

If the MacBook won't start or the iMac won't turn on, it doesn't have to be caused by irreparable damage or a broken display. Here you will find tips and tricks with which you can get your Apple computer working again. You can also check it for certain errors with the following steps. Even if none of this works and the iMac or MacBook doesn't even start, we have a suggestion for you at the end. If you have any other tips to help an unresponsive Mac work again, please leave a comment.

iMac or Mac won't start and the display stays black. With these tips and tricks you can check whether the Apple Mac is broken or there is a correctable error. If the screen is damaged or the logic board is faulty, Sadaghian can help.

iMac or Mac won't start and the display stays black. With these tips and tricks you can check whether the Apple Mac is broken or there is a correctable error. If the screen is damaged or the logic board is faulty, Sadaghian can help.

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Apple Mac does not start: Check plug and power supply

It is a problem that is often mentioned, but also not that uncommon, that the power supply is inadequate. Is the cable or power adapter properly connected to the iMac, Mac, or MacBook? Is the MagSafe or USB-C connector plugged in correctly? Is the plug really in the socket and is the fuse in there? You should check all of this first before you assume a broken display, a damaged logic board or something similar. You should also check the cable itself, especially after traveling or if you have chewy pets.

Ultimately, the problem can also be with the power supply unit. With a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, buying a new one is just as easy as with the current M1-iMac, where the power supply has been outsourced. It is recommended to buy an original Apple power supply. In the case of cheap third-party offers, the low quality can result in a circuit failure that ultimately not only disassembles the next power supply, but also damages the computer. You can get an original power supply here:

Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook does not start: Are the new components compatible?

The Apple computer may not start after you have installed a new hard drive, a new battery or a new RAM bar for more memory. With new RAM bars in the iMac, their capacity as well as the insertion in a certain order / positioning must often be taken into account. We have prepared guides for you here: 

If the error occurs with the Mac Mini 2018, you might find the right detail here to get it working again: Mac Mini 2018 RAM upgrade (with video). With hard drives you should check the connections and see if you have not replaced the boot volume. Then macOS has to be installed first. B. via a boot stick. You can do this with Install Disk Creator, SQWARQ Boot Buddy or DiskMakerX create. You should check the performance of the new battery, especially with third-party products.

MacBook or iMac does not work: Check the display with simple means

If the iMac or MacBook starts, but the display does not show anything, then the problem may well be with the screen. To check this, the best thing to do is to connect an external monitor to see whether there is a display on it. If the system, apps and everything else is running and only the display on the built-in display does not work, then you have found the error; the display or its connecting cables are broken.

Reset NVRAM and / or SMC using a key combination

NVRAM is the "non-volatile random access memory" that can store some data in a manner similar to that in the main memory. However, these persist even when the computer is switched off and there is no power supply. Some also call this memory "garbage cache" and resetting it can solve some problems. To do this, hold down the Command, Alt, P and R (⌘ + ⌥ + P + R) keys while turning on the Mac until the second start tone sounds.

SMC means "System Management Controller". It is a chip that performs hardware control tasks. Problems with the hardware, for example with fans, the USB ports, but also with the display and the system start per se, can be solved by resetting the SMC. This works differently on Macs without a T2 chip than on models with a T2 chip. The individual instructions as well as details on resetting NVRAM and PRAM can be found in the following instructions:

Nothing helps and the Mac won't start: Experts will help you

In the worst case, none of the tips and tricks mentioned will help to get the Apple Mac up and running again. Then we recommend contacting the Sadaghian experts. You can get to the website with this link. Sadaghian not only tests large components, but also individual components such as capacitors. These are exchanged individually in the event of damage, which keeps costs low. The damage and error analysis as well as the cost estimate are also free of charge. If you decide to have it repaired, you will receive the code SYRAP whole 10 euros discount. I wish you success!


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