Inateck Dual Hard Drive Dock: Copy PC and Mac hard drives without a computer

The dual hard drive dock from Inateck with the designation FD2102 can be used as a docking station for two 2,5 "or 3,5" memories as well as with SATA connection i, II or III. In addition to the connection via USB 3.0 to an Apple Mac or Windows PC, you can also use an offline clone function to clone memories of up to 8TB and thus create a backup. I have compiled details about the device, technical data, tips and tricks for you in this post.

The Inateck FD2102 docking station for two hard drives of 2,5 "or 3,5" serves as a housing for the USB connection with Apple Mac / Windows PC, but can also create clones and backups without a computer.

The Inateck FD2102 docking station for two hard drives of 2,5 "or 3,5" serves as a housing for the USB connection with Apple Mac / Windows PC, but can also create clones and backups without a computer.

Inateck dual hard drive dock: Practical accessories

I have a relatively large number of hard drives in use. For photos, for customer data and of course for backups of this data and my Mac hard drives. But if you make regular backups, the Mac is often busy for hours and unusable because it has to move terabytes of data. This hard drive dock, which works with both 2,5-inch hard drives and 3,5-inch hard drives (HDD and SSD), offers a remedy. If you plug it into the Mac and insert hard drives, these are mounted individually and can be used like external hard drives.

The big advantage of the dock is that you can clone hard drives 1: 1 without a connection to the Mac in order to create a backup. To do this, you put the original in slot A, the target in slot B and then start the copying process. This also takes a few hours, but during this time you can work on your Mac without restrictions. It should also be noted that the target drive must have the same or a higher storage capacity. Even if, for example, only 1,5GB should be pushed from a 900TB hard disk to a 1TB disk.

Inateck FD2102: Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Inateck
  • Outer material: aluminum
  • Hard disk slots: 2
  • Compatible with: 2,5 "and 3,5" SATA-I / II / III hard drives
  • Maximum capacity: 2 x 8 terabytes
  • Clone or backup function: independent of the operating system
  • LED display: Power, slot A, slot B, clone progress of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Power supply: 12V, 3A direct current is output
  • Max. Data exchange with Mac / PC: 5 Gbit / s via USB 3.0
  • Scope of delivery: USB 3.0 SATA SSD / HDD dual docking station, USB cable, power supply (power adapter for 12 V and 3.000 mA), operating instructions

Buy dual hard drive dock

At just under 40 euros, the dual hard drive dock from Inateck is quite inexpensive. Especially when you consider that you can save a lot of time with it. So if you have hard drives, and maybe they do made with enclosures to external storage have, take them out and combine them with this device;)

Inateck dual hard drive dock
The Inateck Aluminum USB 3.0 to SATA I / II / III adapter dock serves as a connection to Mac or PC and is useful for backups and clones even without a computer. In this way, data can be saved without blocking the computer. Further details can be found on the product page.

Reviews, customer questions and answers

At Amazon you can find some more information, tips, tricks and hints in the customer reviews as well as in the questions and answers about the device. Many positive 5-star reviews report a good plug & play function, the quick detection of two hard drives at the same time and the right functions that you would expect from the Inateck FD2102.

However, there are also important information, for example about the power consumption of the hard drives used. Some probably need 1,7 to 2 amps, which ensures that a second disk is supplied with a maximum of 1 to 1,3 amps - this can then be insufficient for a backup. In addition, one reads that the Inateck docking station works very well for two hard drives on the Apple Mac, but may only recognize one of the two memories under Windows.


The many good reviews and user tips on the product page of the Inateck FD2102 docking station show that it is a thoroughly usable device. Perhaps one or two things should be kept in mind to avoid errors or insufficient support. But if you use modern, low-consumption SSD hard drives and the B disk is equipped with more storage capacity than the A disk, offline cloning also works.


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