Inmotion V10/V10F: Difference between “Comfort Mode” and “Classic Mode”

Drive mode with the Inmotion V10

In the Inmotion app (AppStore/PlayStore) since firmware version 2.2.8 there is a setting option for the driving mode. As an Inmotion V10 or V10F driver, you can choose between “Comfort Mode” and “Classic Mode”. I was wondering what the differences are and am over this English blog post got a little smarter from Inmotion. The following table can be found there:

Here is a comparison of the two driving modes on the V10 and V10F. In terms of feel, comfort mode should be the better choice for most drivers (source: Inmotion).
Here is a comparison of the two driving modes on the V10 and V10F. In terms of feel, comfort mode should be the better choice for most drivers (source: Inmotion).

I tried to summarize this with my school English:

Comfort Mode (new mode)

In this mode, the unicycle rides much “softer”. In addition, the pedal angle (forward and backward) changes depending on the amount of acceleration or braking, while in Classic mode it simply remains "flat" no matter how hard you accelerate or brake. The maximum angle can be adjusted in the app. Furthermore, the unicycle in Comfort Mode is very responsive and reacts quickly to movements.

One disadvantage: It tends to be easier to overheat the bike, although you have to work hard with the built-in 1800 or 2000 watt motor. One more note: The high-frequency tone, which can be heard almost constantly in Classic Mode, is only audible in Comfort Mode if you ask for a high torque (strong acceleration or strong braking).

Classic mode

When you have the pedal sensitivity set below 60%, there is a point where the unicycle lags slightly behind. To compensate for this, you intuitively lean more forward or backward, which in turn means that you “overdo it” and the unicycle reacts more to the input than you would like. At settings above 60% this point does not exist and you have a linear change in pedal sensitivity to the set value.

Furthermore, the bike gets approx. 9% less warm when riding (compared to Comfort Mode). On the other hand, it is negative that a high-frequency tone can be heard all the time, which is particularly noticeable in quiet surroundings.

The pedals remain in the same position when accelerating or braking and hardly change the angle. In addition, you get the feeling that the bike is less "responsive" and does not react as quickly to the input.

Since firmware update 2.8.8 you can also choose a comfort mode as driving mode with the Inmotion V10 / V10F (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
Since firmware update 2.8.8 you can also choose a comfort mode as driving mode with the Inmotion V10 / V10F (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Further remarks

In the blog post at Inmotion you can find a comment by the author on Comfort Mode. He writes that the V10 is much more sensitive in the new mode and can be controlled more playfully. In addition, you get a significant increase in power when accelerating or braking.

By changing the pedal angle when braking or accelerating, you have the opportunity to bring your body into a position that feels more natural and comfortable. Experienced drivers would especially notice this.



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8 Responses to “Inmotion V10/V10F: Difference between “Comfort Mode” and “Classic Mode””

  1. Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much for the entertaining and detailed reports of your unicycle adventure!
    I've been driving the Inmotion V8 myself since spring and I'm also looking for a larger area of ​​activity, which means more range.
    How has it been for you since April with your “new” hobby electric unicycle?
    I would be very happy to receive new reports ;-)!

    LG Andy

    1. Hello Andy! If you currently have the V8, which is a very nice entry-level bike, then I would recommend the Inmotion V10 or V10F. It can be controlled just as well as the V8 and has significantly more power and range. I also have the Kingsong KS 18L which is also very good, but I find the Inmotion V10F a tad easier to steer. The KS 18 L is a good choice if you want a little more stability and speed. But I don't drive 45 km / h and tend to be out in the field and in the forest. That's why I prefer the V10. But the difference to the KS 18 L is not great ... both are very good bikes that can be seen as an upgrade to the Inmotion V8.

      And gladly: I didn't know if there was any interest in such reports. It doesn't have a lot to do with Apple stuff, but I love to write about it! At the moment I'm thinking of getting myself a one wheel pint. That looks like a lot of fun too! : D

  2. Exciting article about the two modes - I did see a difference, but I can't describe it very well. Somehow I convince myself that the "classic" mode is easier to ride at higher speeds and the unicycle is more manoeuvrable. However, my personal feelings do not seem to match those of the Inmotion developers. I have to say that I'm always at 100% when it comes to pedal sensitivity...

    1. Yes, I don't notice such a real difference either. But when it comes to sensitivity, I always set everything to the maximum. At first it might be advisable to turn things down so that all the fidgeting that you do as a beginner on the pedals does not affect the controls, but if you have a bit of security, you would rather want the bike reacts precisely.

  3. Hallo,

    I'm about to buy the V10F as my first EUC. I just learned to ride relatively slowly on the KS 16S. I want to ask you a few questions.

    1. There are different modes in KS 16S: Beginner, Classic and Expert. Expert is too crazy for me - the reactions are too fast for my level. So I used beginner mode and it's spot on. In this mode, it was much easier to level up skills without being spooked by EUC's quick response. Is there anything similar, I mean modes, in V10F?

    2. Can the settings be adjusted to get the same results on the V10F as on the KS 16S? Which function is responsible for easier handling of EUC? The sensitivity?

    3. Am I correct in assuming that classic mode with a reduced sensitivity level is the right setting to start with?

    4. Considering it's an entry-level device, is it a good idea to buy the V10F?

    Thank you for your suggestions!

    1. Hello Andy! Thank you for your questions. I'll try to answer them, but I only have the KS 18L and the Inmotion V10F so I can't say much about the KS 16.

      1. Yes, Inmotion also has these settings, but the Inmotion wheels are inherently a bit “softer” and therefore more suitable for beginners. If you set the Inmotion to "Expert", it's not nearly as rough as the Kingsong on "Expert".

      2. I think that's doable, because in Inmotion you can adjust the sensitivity with several sliders between 0 and 100 (if I remember that correctly). So you have many options. From my point of view, 2 factors are responsible for the easier handling: 1. less sensitivity and 2. a smaller wheel diameter. An 18" wheel is heavier than a 16" wheel for beginners because it takes more work to move it and you can't make quick balancing moves if the wheel is heavy and big. But it drives more stable once you have speed.

      3. Yes, that's right: Less sensitive is better at first.

      4. I think that's a good start. The V8 is perhaps even simpler, but you quickly reach your limits because it hardly has a battery. And with the V10F you can learn to drive quickly. Everything's ok.

      I would ponder whether I might put some money on it and get a suspension bike. I ride a lot in the woods and on country lanes here and a bike with suspension is simply much better. However, if you drive a lot of asphalt, it is not so important.

      I hope I could be of some help to you. LG, Jens

      1. Dear Jen,

        Thank you for your comments. You are very helpful. I will use them.

        Since I'm not very young anymore, I have to take certain things more slowly.

        I'll get V10F to practice a bit. When my skills mature I'll look around for a model to practice and enjoy off-road driving, probably the V11.

        The tips on the settings put my mind at ease. Thanks a lot for this.

        I am also grateful for the speed and precision of the reply. Astonishing.

        Have a great day Jen(s).


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