Install Disk Creator: Install the Mac operating system from the USB stick

Do you want to set up your Mac from scratch or help someone reinstall macOS from scratch, then the app is for you Install Disk Creator a helpful tool for that. Because the program for the Apple computer helps you to create a bootable USB stick that you can use as a direct installation medium for macOS on Mac, iMac and MacBook. Below is a description of the software, tips on how to use it, how to download it, and alternative ways to reinstall the operating system for Apple computers.

With Install Disk Creator you can automatically create a bootable macOS USB stick as an installation medium.
With Install Disk Creator you can automatically create a bootable macOS USB stick as an installation medium.

Install Disk Creator

Written by Benedict Slaney, the app is a useful helper if you don't want to manually create the bootable USB stick and that Port want to handle. When used, Install Disk Creator first erases the USB stick, and then copies the macOS installer file that you previously downloaded from the Mac onto it App Store have to load.

After the process, the drive is bootable and you can use it to install the selected operating system on an Apple Mac. The stick also does this regardless of how the Recovery mode. As a minimum size for the selected USB memory stick, I would recommend 8GB, better 12GB. A guide to the program and OS installation by Benedict Slaney you can find here (English).


Download the Install Disk Creator Is there ... here.


How to make a USB stick bootable in order to place a macOS installation file on it (manually or automatically with an app) for reinstalling the Mac OS I have summarized you here. In the instructions you will not only find individual steps with pictures, but also some technical explanations to understand the whole thing.

In another guide here in the blog, I have also prepared for you how to create a macOS Sierra installation medium with the formatted stick - the post there with this link. One step of the instruction also contains the handling of the terminal and the use of a specific code for the creation of the macOS Sierra Stick. If you want to install an older or newer system, you will find the corresponding codes for the terminal in this Apple support post.


Install Disk Creator is an app that helps you to create a bootable USB stick for the Apple computer. Several steps such as formatting the volume and loading the installation file are taken over for you. If you don't want to use an app for this, but want to use the means that can be found in the system, then you can do this using the linked instructions;)

Good luck with restarting your Mac!

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  1. Thanks for the link!!! Unfortunately I failed with the terminal, none of the commands worked, I paid attention to the exact path, many recovery attempts with many hurdles, backups could not be loaded, etc. Finally it works :)

    1. Great! If you need anything else, I can also "AnymacOS" recommend. This loads all newer systems and installs them on a storage medium right away.

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