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iOS 18 Developer Beta

Until now, I was never interested in installing a beta of iOS on my iPhone. I always had the patience to wait for the upcoming features for the few months until the new iOS 18 came out. But with iOS 18, for the first time, I'm itching to install the new beta. But how exactly does the installation work?

Update 17.06.2024: I have just been informed that you definitely need a developer account to install the beta. However, you can get the free variant and just need to register in the Apple Developer App.


This is what the display looks like on your iPhone when you have activated the beta updates and thus iOS 18 Developer Beta.
This is what the display looks like on your iPhone when you have activated the beta updates and thus iOS 18 Developer Beta.

Instructions: Install iOS 18 Beta

Here is a quick guide to setting up the iOS 18 beta on your iPhone or iPad (but then the operating system will be called iPadOS 18 beta):

Important: You need the following things before you can start:

  • Apple ID with 2-factor authentication enabled
  • iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID enabled
  • on the iPhone you must be logged in with the Apple ID

If all of this is given, it continues like this:

  1. in the App Store the Download developer app
  2. Log in with your Apple ID in the “Account” tab
  3. Accept terms of use
  4. Go to “Settings” on the iPhone
  5. then click on “General”
  6. now click on “Software update”
  7. select “Beta Updates” here
  8. here you can now select “iOS 18 Developer Beta”
  9. now with the arrow top left back
  10. on the previous page the “iOS 18 Beta” should now be available for installation
  11. with “Update now” the beta can be installed
How to install the iOS 18 beta – explained step by step!
How to install the iOS 18 beta – explained step by step!

When NOT to install an iOS beta!

I prefer to add this note explicitly to this guide because it happens at regular intervals that users "damage" their iPhones' software with the beta versions to such an extent that they have to reset the iPhone or at least can no longer use it for everyday use because important functions no longer work.

Beta versions of the operating system can sometimes cause strange glitches and abnormal behavior. Here is a short list of what you can expect with the iPhone:

  • Instability of the system (unexpected crashes, non-working third-party apps and sudden reboots)
  • Compatibility issues with apps (Apps may not work properly because they may not be optimized for the latest iOS version)
  • Higher battery consumption (Beta versions still use system resources inefficiently here and there
  • Data Loss (if you have to completely reset the iPhone, all data on it may be lost)
  • Performance problems (the system or apps may run slower or take longer to start)
  • Network problems (there may be problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data)
  • iPhone heats up considerably (due to iCloud photo library synchronization, machine learning routines and poor power management, the iPhone may get hotter than usual → bad for battery life)
  • Incompatible with online banking (the apps or websites usually check the operating system version and do not accept or know the beta versions yet and therefore reject the connection)
  • Incompatibility with accessories (external devices such as Bluetooth headphones, hubs or similar may no longer work)
  • security risks (Vulnerabilities may not yet be known and fixed)

These are all points to keep in mind if you decide to install a beta of iOS. The new features always sound tempting, but for most people, it is safer to wait for the final version of iOS 18.

Related to iOS 18:

The new features of iOS 18 are tempting, but beta versions always carry certain risks.
The new features of iOS 18 are tempting, but beta versions always carry certain risks.

Developer Beta vs. Public Beta

The addition of “Developer” is not a coincidence in the name of the version. If you are not a developer and have a second iPhone available to test the new iOS, you should probably stay away from the beta.

The developer beta versions - not just for iOS, but for all software products - are not yet "public betas" and are therefore usually not stable enough to be released to "normal" people. The "public beta" versions are relatively close to the final version and can therefore also be used by normal users.

However, my recommendation is to wait a week or two before installing the app, even when the final version of iOS 18 is released. Often, errors are discovered during this time because millions of users are suddenly using the new system. Apple then usually delivers an iOS 18.0.1 within a short period of time, which eliminates the teething issues.

If you have a second iPhone available on which you can install the new iOS 18, feel free to use this opportunity to test it. I've heard that it's a surprisingly stable beta version (compared to previous iOS betas) and you can already get a taste of the exciting features of the new iOS version.

FAQs about iOS 18

Which iPhone models is iOS 18 compatible with?
The supported devices are iPhone 15 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max), iPhone 14 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max) and iPhone 13 (mini, Pro, Pro Max).

Is iOS 18 already available?
iOS 18 is currently available as a developer beta version for developers (as of June 15.06.2024, 2024). The public beta version is intended for developers only. Apple plans to release the final update in late summer 2024 - probably for the September XNUMX iPhone keynote.

Which iPhones will no longer receive updates in 2024?
iPhones of the 11 generation will continue to receive updates until 2025. Updates for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will end in 2024.

What happens if your iPhone stops updating?
If your iPhone no longer receives operating system updates, you will miss out on new features. Some new apps may no longer be able to be installed and new accessories may only work to a limited extent. If your iPhone no longer receives security updates, you should upgrade to a newer model.

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2 comments on “Installing iOS 18 Beta – it’s that easy!”

  1. The sentence "The advantage of the iOS beta versions is that you don't need a developer account with Apple, like you do with macOS updates." is wrong. You haven't had to install a developer profile for some time, but you still need a developer account that is linked to the Apple ID you use. The developer beta isn't just shown to the average consumer. How many people do you think would brick their phone by playing around with it out of curiosity? So you need a developer account for both iOS and macOS, which has to be linked to the Apple ID used on the device. Only then will the menu item you're showing be installed. What you don't need, however, is membership in the developer program, which you have to pay for.

    1. Hello Rico! You're absolutely right. I thought I had an iPhone on which I wasn't logged in with a developer account, but then I remembered that I had signed up for the developer program at some point using my Apple ID. I'll correct that in the article! Sorry for the false statement!

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