Install stickers for iMessage: this is how it works

If you still use iMessage, you might want to enhance the individual messages with stickers, i.e. small pictures that can be placed directly in the message flow. When installing iMessage sticker packages, however, frustration can quickly arise. As “easy to use” as most applications under iOS are, integrating them via iPhone and iPad via iMessage sticker is not the easiest exercise - at least if you are using the wrong store.

Install iMessage Sticker

Installing iMessage Stickers can be a hassle. There is a comprehensive and a short solution here.

iMessage Stickers and other app content via message

Apple introduced the option of sending app content to others directly via iMessage for the iPhone and iPad with iOS 10. The main focus was certainly not on stickers, GIFs and other pictures, but on work results, music and co. Integrating content in iMessage is done using the so-called app drawer, which is not always that easy to access. If you did it, the selection of the apps last used and the music are automatically displayed.

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Install stickers for iMessage: this is how it works

If you made the mistake of using the extra content from sticker apps like GIPHY or beep to download via the regular Apple App Store / iTunes, then you have chosen the cumbersome way. Because then you first have to open iMessage and select a conversation there. Then proceed as follows:

  • App store symbol Tap (next to input field)
  • App drawer Select (four gray dots at the bottom left)
  • Select the sticker app from the overview
  • If not available, then the Store (+ Select the) symbol
  • Administer Tap (top right)
  • From the overview New and updated choose the sticker app
  • Alternatively Add apps automatically activate
  • Ready Tap (top right)

Further information and options for the app drawer and its use in iMessage under iOS 10 can be found on the Support page from

Pictures for the news app: that's how it works

If you want to install new stickers in iMessage and have not yet downloaded them from the regular store, things look a lot easier. Because you can go directly to iMessage via the store:

  • Open store in iMessage (App Store symbol)
  • Search for the desired app / sticker package
  • Download the selected app
  • Use stickers in conversation and other chats
  • Ready

If this path does not lead to the desired success for you either, then you must probably follow the longer one from the overview above ...

Do you use stickers?

Are smileys typed with colons and brackets and the existing emojis sufficient or do you still want more? What do you use more often - smileys, emojis, stickers or GIF images? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic;)



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