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On May 25, 2018 the EU DSGVO in force and thus operators of websites, blogs, online shops and the like in the European Union are encouraged to pay more attention to data protection. One measure is the cookie notice that is now displayed by pretty much all large and small websites. If you do not want to implement a plugin in your CMS, but want to use a simple code in the head of your website, then take a look at Cookie Consent by Insites from Silktide Ltd. past ;)

Browser to create a notice about cookies for your website. With this you are prepared for the EU GDPR 2018.” width=”620″ height=”293″ /> The Cookie Consent web app helps you to create a notice about cookies for your website directly in the browser. With this you are prepared for the EU-DSGVO 2018.

Update March 17.03.2020th, XNUMX: a legally secure recommendation is Borlabs Cookie

The article has been around for a good two years and the GDPR laws have been tightened in the meantime. As far as I know (disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, this is not advice!), You currently have to have a lot more than an indication that you are using cookies:

  • the visitor must disclose information (purpose AND duration) of the individual cookies
  • the visitor must be able to reject cookies (except for essential ones) BEFORE they are technically set

I have just looked at the Insight Cookie Plugin again with regard to these things and they seem to offer an opt-in that allows you to reject cookies, but there is no further information about cookies.

I use that on my side Borlabs cookie plugin, which not only offers all the required data for the visitor, but also offers a simple configuration, because it already offers ready-made configurations with cookie runtimes and the like for many services such as Google Analytics, Adsense, Youtube etc. These can be easily activated with small switches and - if the service you are using - is not yet in the preselection, you can create a new cookie profile at any time in order to cover more unknown services.

In addition, I have the feeling that Borlabs is working really steadily on the plugin to keep it legally safe. For this reason, I also build it into all of my customers, for whom I maintain the website.

If you're interested in Borlabs Cookie, you'll find it here on the manufacturer's website. With a price of 39 euros per year, it is not exactly cheap, but a warning because of a legally incorrect cookie notice will certainly be even more expensive.

Embed cookie notice without plugin

Regardless of whether you use WordPress, Jimdo, Wix or another content management system or rely on a completely specially created website - with the free open source software "Cookie Consent", which does not require installation, but directly on the page linked above is executed, you can create cookie notices according to your taste. You can see what the individual designs and setting options look like in the end on the Demo page see. So you don't have to try around for a long time, but with just a few clicks you can find exactly the design that fits the layout of your website.

What are cookies and why do I need to point them out?

Many people in the EU who simply run a website and tend not to want to commit a criminal offense are probably asking themselves this question. And the creators of the Cookie Consent web app also have an educational page called for precisely this cookiesandyou.com. It says about the motivation of the makers:

We were amazed how millions of websites tell people that they use cookies, without ever stopping to explain what cookies are. At least, not in a simple way we could tell our mums. This is how we made this website. For our mums.

Copy & paste - also possible with text in German?

With the Cookie Consent web app, you can create your own cookie notices, which will also go hand in hand with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union) from May 25, 2018. However, there is a little catch for German users - the site can be operated intuitively despite everything in English and also allows checks to be made to determine whether warning notices are necessary for different countries; however, there are no standard texts in German. If you do not want to come up with a specially made up and perhaps not legally compliant text, then simply use this standard clause:

Cookies facilitate the provision of our services. By using our services, you agree that we may use cookies.

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19 comments on “Without a plugin: add a cookie notice to your own website”

  1. Hi
    Unfortunately, I am not so firm as to know exactly how to place the cookie notice in the browser. I copied everything but I don't know how it goes on. Can you give me an executable tip?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Bernd! So the code can be copied into the body tag on normal websites. But your blog is a Wordpress blog and a cookie notice is already running there. So you don't have to do anything else. VG! Jens

      1. Hello Jens, I found it where I have to insert it, it also seems to work, only I have the problem, because I already have a banner in the footer area that is part of the page…. how can I put the cookie banner over the already existing footer?

  2. Hello Sir Apfelot, I'm not that "fit" either, I have an HTML page and unfortunately I have no idea in which file I have to insert the code. I have access to FTP. can you tell me help – what is the name of the file?
    Greetings and thank you Marc

  3. Hello Sir Apple Red,
    Yesterday I also integrated the cookie consent on numerous websites, in the morning the notices were also displayed, but since yesterday evening everyone has disappeared as if by magic ... The script is still there, but nothing is displayed. And that on different computers ...

    Now I'm looking for a variant without a script.


    1. Hello Bjorn! Yes, the code shows that it is hosted on Cloudflare. If the script fails there, the cookie notice will no longer work on all pages. The “safe” variant would probably be to pull the outsourced Javascript onto your own server and integrate it locally. Then you are less dependent on external sources. A variant without script should be difficult. The cookie hint works with a cookie itself and that cannot be read out using static HTML. VG! Jens

    1. Yes indeed. There are also solutions without Javascript. Thanks for adding to the article. Here is the direct link to the demo page, where you can try out the different options and download the code: https://open-eye.de/euc/

  4. Is it possible to refer the Learn more link to a modal somehow? also a href=”#myModal”
    is that possible somehow?


    1. Hello Stefan! You can copy any URL into the field. Simply #myModal as a link target should work the same way. If the generator expects a complete link when creating it, you can enter one there and later delete the URL in the code except for your #Anchor. VG! Jens

  5. Hi Jens,

    your page has exactly the cookie selection box I'm looking for. Does this correspond to the cookie notice mentioned here on the page without a plug-in from Insites?

    Greetings, Sabine

    1. Hello Sabine! Unfortunately, the cookie box I use isn't that easy to implement - if you're looking for a free route. I use that Borlabs cookie plugin, which costs around 39 EUR / year, but is worth the money from my point of view. As far as I know (I'm not a lawyer) you not only have to have a cookie notice on the page, but a cookie box, which can also be used to reject cookies. I will add that again in the article above so that no one thinks they are safe if they have a cookie notice on the page. If you need help with the Borlabs plugin, just talk to me. I've already built it into so many customers that I'm slowly learning it by heart. : D

      1. Hello Sir - Can I also integrate the Borlabs Cookie Plugin with Smartstore biz 5 - there the html code has to be built into the head and the body. Have that built in - but it costs 9, oo months or more. mfg Andreas

        1. Hi Andreas! Unfortunately no, currently they only offer support as a Wordpress plugin. But wow, your shop is a hot number. Not responsive, keyword lists and more, which Google hasn't been able to stand for a long time.
          If you need help with Google optimization, let me know! ;-)

  6. Hello, I have a problem, I have a shop system from K-Tools Photostore. Unfortunately, this is no longer maintained by the manufacturer.

    Unfortunately, I'm not that versed and don't really know where to insert the code.
    There is an index.tpl file, an index.php and an index.html file.
    Furthermore, I have an explanation of what does what and have tried hard, but the page has always been unusable.


    1. Hello Thomas! I would have to look at that in detail. However, it may well be that you are no longer legally up to date with the current cookie notice. In the meantime, you have to install a cookie box in which, on the one hand, all cookies are blocked and, on the other hand, the visitor has to explicitly give his OK if he accepts the various cookies. Feel free to contact me via the e-mail address in the "Contact" section if I can help you with the integration.

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