Instructions: Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple Pay is now also arriving in Germany and enables contactless payments with the iPhone or Apple Watch. But how do you set up Apple Pay on the iPhone? How do I add a debit or credit card to Apple Pay on Apple Watch? I will answer these questions about so-called mobile payment in this guide. If you have any questions about the instructions, please leave a comment.

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch - you can find instructions for iOS and watchOS here.

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch - you can find instructions for iOS and watchOS here.

Requirements for using Apple Pay

Not every Apple device and not every EC card, debit card or credit card can be used with Apple Pay. In addition to current devices, the current version of iOS or watchOS is required. In addition, the devices used with "Wallet" must be registered in iCloud and secured with a code, Touch ID or Face ID. If you log out of iCloud or remove the backup option from your device, all previously added cards will be automatically deleted to protect against fraud. 

Which iPhone models are compatible with Apple Pay?

Der laut Apple support page any iPhone that has Touch ID or Face ID can also work with Apple Pay. The big exception is the iPhone 0s, which doesn't work. That means, all devices from iPhone 5 / 6s and higher should work with Apple Pay.

Set up Apple Pay with Wallet on the iPhone

In Wallet, the digital wallet on the Apple company's mobile devices, you can digitally store tickets, tickets, vouchers, ID cards, cinema tickets and more. The app, which has been installed ex works since iOS 6, now also helps you - like a regular wallet - thanks to Apple Pay when paying for products and services. To set up Apple Pay via the wallet app on the iPhone, proceed as follows:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and open the wallet 
  2. Tap on the + in the blue circle (top right)
  3. Scans the card to be added with the camera (front side)
  4. Alternatively, add the suggested cards used with other devices
  5. Enter the respective security code
  6. Tap on "Next" and wait for the bank / card issuer to check
  7. After verification by the issuing institute, click on "Next"
  8. Apple Pay is now available on the iPhone  

Or like Apple in this video explained: "Wallet. Tap + scan. Bank. Done.";)

Set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

If you want to use Apple Pay with the Apple Watch and add cards for it, then the path does not lead via the Wallet app, but via the Companion app "Watch". In the watch app, in which you can also switch on, deactivate or adjust numerous other features of the smart watch, proceed as follows:

  1. Tap on "My Watch" and, if you are using multiple devices, select the appropriate one
  2. In the following screen tap on "Wallet & Apple Pay"
  3. Tap on "Add Credit or Debit Card" and follow the appropriate steps
  4. It is possible to add maps that have already been set up on the iPhone or to scan a map
  5. Enter the required security codes and tap "Next"
  6. Wait for the bank / card issuer to check
  7. After verification by the issuing institute, click on "Next"
  8. Apple Pay is now also available on the Apple Watch

Details and further options:

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  1. marti says:

    It does not work!!! I have all devices up to date and still there is no radio transmission.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Marti! You have already read that Apple Pay is "coming" in Germany, as it is in the first sentence of the article, right? The starting shot will be given in Germany in the next few days and unfortunately nothing can work until then. The instructions are for day 1 when Apple Pay starts. : D It's best to bookmark it… ;-)

  2. martin says:

    I have obviously overread. you shouldn't read any news after midnight ;-)

    • sir appleot says:

      No problem. Could also have been that I wrote cheese. Happened often enough! : D
      But now we keep our fingers crossed that we can pay with the Apple Watch in the discount store next week! ;-)

  3. Axel says:

    I have iOS 12.1 on iPhone 8. Wallet doesn't show a "+"

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Axel! Maybe because Apple Pay is not yet activated in DE? I'll write a post when Apple Pay is running in Germany. LG!

  4. martin says:

    Juhu \ O / it works ????

    I have one more question about Apple Pay.

    Can you also use it (like PayPal) to send money directly to a friend?

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