Operating instructions for the GoPro Hero 4 action camera - models Black, Black Music, Silver and Silver Music Master

GoPro Hero 4 Black PDF

I don't think the concept behind the GoPro is bad. With the [Hero 4-> gopro-hero-4] GoPro has drilled the model even further and in 2014 brought a great action cam onto the market. The Hero has served me well with aerial photos with the [quadrocopter-> quadrocopter] and it can also be used as a [underwater-compatible camera-> underwater digital camera] for family vacations. Unfortunately, the operation is not really intuitive, so that you urgently need a little help from the instructions at the beginning. For this reason, I have linked the individual instructions as PDF here, which you would otherwise have to search for by clicking a lot on the GoPro page. The instructions are designed for the different models, so we have several for the Hero 4.

Update: Unfortunately, GoPro has redesigned its pages in such a way that direct links can no longer be set. I have deposited the general support page for manuals as a link everywhere. You then have to choose the appropriate model yourself.

  • GoPro Hero 4 Black -> here
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black Music -> here
  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver -> here
  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver Music Master -> here
GoPro Hero 4 Black PDF

The GoPro Hero 4 Black manual is available as a German PDF on the GoPro website.

The manuals are a good help in getting to know the basic functions. If you want to deal a little more with the possibilities of the GoPro and the tips and tricks of the professionals, you should look at the book by Julian Breuer. There you will not only learn how the GoPro works, but everything from planning a video to the best settings and accessories for certain shoots and also the post-processing of the films in corresponding programs.

GoPro !: Mit Spaß und System zum spektakulären GoPro-Video
Julian Breuer's book shows how to take breathtaking shots with the GoPro Hero 3 or 4. The focus is on the necessary accessories and the Magix software for post-processing the material. The reviews on Amazon show that it is a book with lots of helpful tips and tricks that is very suitable for beginners.

I hope you have found some reading material that will help you get started in the world of GoPro. The book is also available as an eBook, so that you can always have it with you with your [Kindle Fire-> kindle-fire].


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