Instructions: Kindle has stopped responding - you can try this

The Amazon Kindle no longer responds because a software error has paralyzed it? Then are one or two things you can try to get the eBook reader working again. Since the problem is not that severe, the solution is also quite simple. The step-by-step instructions for the individual tips can be found in this guide;)

The Amazon Kindle no longer responds! What can you do there? Here you will find instructions for the reset and the hard reset by removing the battery.
The Amazon Kindle no longer responds! What can you do there? Here you will find instructions for the reset and the hard reset by removing the battery.

Kindle has hung up - possible causes

If the Kindle hangs up, i.e. the picture freezes and the device no longer reacts to inputs, this can have various causes. One cause is the battery charge. If the battery is weak, but not yet completely discharged, the eBook reader may fail. But even with a full battery, an error cannot be ruled out, such as a bug in the software. But if the system is crazy, there is also a solution.

Amazon Kindle stops responding: Charge the battery and restart

As mentioned, a low battery level can cause the Amazon Kindle to freeze. The following procedure can help here:

  1. Connect to the charging cable for at least ten to 15 minutes, charge the battery and leave it on for the next steps
  2. Depending on the device, press the On / Off button for five seconds or pull it to the side to switch the device off
  3. Switch the reader on again as normal (if that doesn't work: disconnect from the charger and try again)

Help with software errors: Reset Amazon Kindle

If the unresponsiveness of the device cannot be attributed to the battery and the above steps do not work, there is probably a software error. The following instructions for resetting the Amazon Kindle can help you in this case:

  1. Depending on the model, hold down the on / off button for 20 to 30 seconds or pull it to the side
  2. When the button / slider is released, the home screen should indicate a restart
  3. If 2. does not occur, then 1. repeat; either a little longer or shorter
  4. Now wait for the restart, which can take a few minutes depending on the device and the error
  5. If nothing happens even after a long time, an error has occurred again - in this case repeat the procedure after you have fully charged the battery

Kindle Hard Reset - Remove and Reinstall the Battery

A hard reset works with the Amazon eBook reader by removing and reinserting the battery. Depending on the model, you can take different steps to get to the appropriate hardware. How this works with the regular Kindle, Paperwhite and Fire models, I have already summarized for you in this guide: Replacing the battery is easy to implement on all Kindle models. Please note, however, that the details of the respective procedure can differ on different models and their generations. The right tool will also help you not to cause any damage when opening the reader. All details, videos for illustration and practical tools can be found in the linked post.

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4 thoughts on “Instructions: Kindle no longer responding – you can try that”

  1. I have problems with the Kindle. As of recently, the indicator light is no longer permanently on. I have already ordered and installed a new battery. Unfortunately the problem still exists. Then I installed the new software and it is still the same problem

    1. What do you need this control lamp for? I know that there is one at the bottom of the Paperwhite, but if the battery works, I wouldn't care about the LED. However, I don't have a solution either. I think you should turn to Amazon.

  2. Moinmoin, the tips for restarting are very helpful, but unfortunately the Kindle does not respond to touch (delete) :-( Maybe you have another tip?

    1. Hello Andrea! After restarting it does not respond to touch either? Then I don't know what else could be done.

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