Instructions: Use the iMac as a Windows PC monitor

If you want to use an Apple iMac as a PC monitor, you can find step-by-step instructions here. Because some iMac models you can use the so-called Target display mode set up as a "target display", ie as a target display for an external device. It's basically pretty quick, but it requires a few prerequisites. In this guide you can read what you need to know about the topic and what the exact procedure is. Do you have any questions, tips or tricks on the subject in store? Then leave a comment;)

Instructions: Use Apple iMac as Windows PC monitor thanks to Target Display Mode. Here you will find the requirements, step-by-step instructions and tips for cables and adapters.

Instructions: Use Apple iMac as Windows PC monitor thanks to Target Display Mode. Here you will find the requirements, step-by-step instructions and tips for cables and adapters.

Use Apple iMac as a PC monitor: Here's how!

In an older manual, we already showed you how to do one use old iMac as Mac monitor can. At that time it was not yet clear to us whether and how the whole thing could also be transferred to a Windows PC. But now we have stumbled upon an opportunity that we do not want to withhold from you. To use the iMac as a Windows PC monitor, proceed as follows - and first have to answer a few questions ...

Do I have the correct iMac?

Not every Apple iMac is available for Target Display Mode. Look in the Apple menu under “About this Mac” to see which model you have. You can also see which operating system (Mac OS X, OS X or macOS) is running on it. And see what connections your iMac has on the back. Because the following requirements should be met:

  1. Apple iMac late 2009 or mid 2010 with 27 inch display and mini DisplayPort connection
  2. Apple iMac mid 2011 or 2014 with Thunderbolt connection
  3. The Apple computer has no Retina display
  4. It runs on the device maximum macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  5. There is a keyboard to enter a combination of keys at startup

Do I have the right cable / adapter?

In addition, your Windows PC or laptop should have a suitable video output, such as DisplayPort or Thunderbolt. With an adapter or a suitable adapter cable you can also do that HDMIoutput to route the signal to the iMac's Thunderbolt or DisplayPort input. 

When buying, make sure that it is an HDMI-to-Mini-DisplayPort cable or adapter. There are also “one-way streets” cables from Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI, with which you can connect MacBooks to external monitors, for example. So read carefully the product descriptions of the items with which you want to prepare yourself for the following procedure.

Counselor: Good and cheap (second) monitors for the home office

Connect Windows PC and iMac: This is how it works!

If your iMac is compatible, you have a suitable cable and are ready to transfer, then you're good to go. These are the step-by-step instructions in case you want to use the iMac as a Windows PC monitor:

  1. Switches both devices off (shut down completely)
  2. Plugs the cable into the Thunderbolt, HDMI or DisplayPort port on the PC
  3. Plugs the other end of the cable into the Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort connector on the iMac
  4. Turns on the PC and iMac
  5. On the iMac, press and hold cmd + F2 or cmd + fn + F2 immediately after turning it on

The key combination when iMac is started activates Target Display Mode, which means that the Apple computer can be used as a monitor for incoming video signals. You shouldn't have to choose anything now. The transfer should work directly (as soon as the PC delivers an image).

The correct resolution for iMac monitor mode

If you want to display the PC image perfectly on the more or less improvised monitor, then check the resolution of the screen in the above-mentioned “About this Mac” window in the “Display” tab after a regular macOS start. Most of the time, however, a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 pixels should be sufficient. If your PC can provide a higher image output to get closer to the number of pixels on the iMac screen, that's all the better, of course. In the case of Retina models with 4K or 5K resolution, however, the target display mode may not be supported at all. 

Your experiences with the iMac as a PC monitor

Have you already tried the whole thing or played through the points indicated after reading this article? Then leave your experiences as a comment. Because we have not yet tested the procedure, we have only translated information from an English specialist website and added a few notes. So if you have practical experience, let us and all other readers participate :)


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  1. Dan says:

    it says that I can no longer use the iMac with macOS 10.15 as an ext. Monitor for a Windows 10 computer can use?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hi Dan! Yes that's right. But you can reinstall the original macOS on the iMac. Here are the instructions.

      Or in short:
      Hold down Shift + Option + Command + R while booting. This installs the macOS version that came with the Mac, or the one that comes closest to it (if the original is no longer available)

  2. Rüdiger says:

    Hello, does anyone know where to get an HDMI to mini DisplayPort cable.
    Just find the other way.
    Can I then simply switch between macOS and Windows with a keyboard shortcut?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Rüdiger! I believe, this cable from Cabledeconn should work. It's bidirectional and works in both directions. I don't know exactly how it works with switching. But I do think that it should work with the key combination.

      • Rüdiger says:

        Thanks alot! Works perfectly. You can just switch back and forth.
        I run music in the background on IOS and work on Windows (connected to the laptop).
        Super cool screen to work with.
        Best regards and to everyone else, good luck!

      • Peter says:

        Hello, I fail because I cannot get a suitable adapter and the cable from Cabledeconn, which you name above, does not have an HDMI connector.
        All adapters and cables ONLY go in the other direction😡 ... or has someone already managed it?

        • Jen Kleinholz says:

          Hi Peter! Which direction do you need USB C to HDMI? Or mini-DP to HDMI? And which Mac has which connection with you?

          • Peter says:

            Hello Jens, well in that case it would be FROM HDMI (on the PC) to DP on the iMac 27 “2009. And there is no such thing in that direction ... and the cable from you mentioned above does not have an HDMI connector. From DVI to DP would be even better, but there is no such thing at all ...

          • Andrew Kollek says:

            Moin, who else read that?

            I also bought the cable. But only have HDMI & USB outputs on the laptop (windows).
            I want to use my iMac as my work screen.

            Windows 10 laptop as source
            iMac late 2012 as a target

            How is that going to work
            Does anyone have any idea?

            Thanks greetings

          • Jen Kleinholz says:

            Hi Andreas! Of course someone else reads that. : D What you need is basically HDMI to Mini-DiplayPort. If you search on Amazon, you will unfortunately find almost only mini-DP on HDMI, which is the wrong direction. And even if the cables can be plugged in the other way around, they will not work because they are not bidirectional.

            The solution (not tested by me) that would most likely make sense to me is the one that I also suggested to Christof: once the one HDMI input on DP output box buy and then another bidirectional display port on mini-DP cable.

          • Peter says:

            Hi Jens, so now tested with the necessary adapters. When starting cmd + fn + f2 = does not work. Not without fn either. But: when the iMac is running and I press the 3-button combination mentioned above, the screen goes black for 3-4 seconds and then activates again, so it probably tries, but it doesn't work. But you have to make sure that the F1, F2 etc. keys are activated as standard function keys, otherwise nothing works... what a shame. Then I'll probably return the adapter for €40...

          • Peter says:

            And immediately afterwards: if I connect the iMac to my wife's W10 computer and turn on the computer, the iMac switches itself over and shows me the Windows start. But as soon as Windows is up and running then it goes (and stays) black. Very puzzling everything,,,

          • Jen Kleinholz says:

            Hi Peter! It could be that the resolution on Windows is set too high for the iMac. I would just start with a low one and see if the iMac still shows something. Then you can gradually try out the higher resolutions and see which ones the iMac can still cope with. Maybe we can still do it!

      • Nicole Stauder says:

        Hi Jens, do you know if it also works if I use this Rankie Thunderbolt 1/2 to Mini DP Adapter get and then a bidirectional hdmi cable? So that I can connect the laptop to the iMac as a monitor. LG

        • Jen Kleinholz says:

          Hello nicole! Unfortunately, the adapters and cables are always a fish in the dark. Even the constellations that worked for one reader no longer work for the next for some unknown reason. For this reason, my recommendation is directly the Adapter Luna Display to get, because it works very reliably and also offers more resolution than the cable solution.

    • Heinz says:

      Hello, I have a 2012 inch from the end of 27
      You have written…
      Apple iMac late 2009 or mid 2010 with 27 inch display and mini DisplayPort connection
      Apple iMac mid 2011 or 2014 with Thunderbolt connection

      2011 or 2014

      Doesn't my iMac work at all?
      Thank you very much

      • Jen Kleinholz says:

        Hello Heinz! I just looked it up at Apple again. Your model should be supported:

        • Via Mini-DisplayPort: iMac 27 ″, end of 2009 | iMac 27 ″, mid 2010
        • Via Thunderbolt: iMac in mid-2011 | iMac mid 2012 - mid 2014 (all sizes)
        • Not compatible: Older models and the model from the end of 2015 with a 5K display
        • Heinz says:

          Hi Jens,
          I have now obtained a suitable cable and set up High Sierra.
          As described, I press cmd + F2 or cmd + fn + F2 at startup, but I always end up at the start screen.
          1.) How do I recognize the Target Display Mode
          2.) what am I doing wrong?
          Would be great if you could help me again.
          VG Heinz

          • Jen Kleinholz says:

            Hello Heinz! So when Target Display Mode is on, the iMac should display what the other Mac is broadcasting. It should actually be clearly visible.
            Because of question 2: I don't know. Is it also an iMac that supports Target Display Mode?

          • Heinz says:

            Thanks for the quick replies.
            I am trying to couple a Windows PC (laptop) as the source with the Mac as the target.
            I have now used a Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable, but on the Mini DP (on the laptop) as the source and the Mac as the target.
            I have read that the Thunderbolt cables are backwards compatible, because I have not found an MDP for Thunderbolt.
            Maybe I'll have to try again with an HDMI to Thunderbolt adapter. What do you think, possibly more promising?

            However, what I also don't know is how it looks when the Mac is in Target Mode? Is that only possible if there is an input signal? I don't know if I was able to turn on target mode at all.
            I found a few more tips in the Apple support area, but none of them were successful.
            Thank you for your help.

          • Jen Kleinholz says:

            Hello Heinz! Unfortunately, I'm only theoretician. I don't have an iMac or PC to try this out with. If I have understood correctly, even a Mini DP to Mini DP cable should be sufficient, as Thunderbolt does not play a role in this interaction. I'm sorry I don't have any more tips. At some point I'll probably get myself a suitable, old iMac, so that I can have a say from the practical side. : D

  3. Simone says:

    Hi Jens,

    unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I bought the iMac 2020 in the hope of being able to connect my Dell laptop with it, because I can't work with the small laptop in the home office for a long time.

    I followed your instructions exactly and both devices are connected via a Thunderbolt port.

    Unfortunately, nothing happens after pressing the key combination.

    Greetings from a desperate Simone

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Simone! If it's actually a 2020 iMac, then it won't work. Only iMac models from 2009 to mid-2014 can use this "target display mode", in which the iMac can be used as a monitor. It won't work 2020% with a 100 iMac ... there are no tricks. I'm sorry ... LG, Jens

  4. Wil says:

    With the above-mentioned Cabledeconn cable DP to Mini DP bidirectional, the 21 ″ Mid 2010 Mac (high sierra) does not switch to the target display mode, neither when starting the MAC with pressed cmd + F2 nor with a later cmd + F2 command. (There are different instructions on the net) Whether the problem is with the cable or the Mac is not clear to me. Seems to be a similar problem to Heinz. Greetings Wil

  5. Maddy says:

    Unfortunately, I have a similar problem and have already tried several cables.
    Today I got a Thunderbolt cable from the Apple Store. With this it works at least to connect my iMac2015 to my iMac2011 and by holding down the key combination cmd + F2 (both computers are already switched on) to finally get into "Target Mode".
    But I actually want to connect my Windows work laptop. So I also bought an adapter (Thunderbold 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2). Unfortunately it does not work. However, it can also be due to the laptop, as it gives a warning when it is connected that it may not work. Perhaps this (not exactly cheap) cable combination will help one of you. And maybe someone else has an idea what you might have to set on the Windows laptop (Windows 10). Kind regards, Maddy

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Maddy! Thanks for your tips. I have to remember that for the next people who ask me. : D For your scenario, I would have the tip to send it by AirServer to try. The software is also available for Windows and you can then (if I understand correctly) use an iMac as a monitor.

      • Maddy says:

        Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely take a look.
        Unfortunately for me the problem seems to be "only" the Windows driver. Since this is a service computer, the IT there is not willing / authorized to install drivers for private monitors. So I hope at least that the solution will help other "desperate" people :)

        • Jen Kleinholz says:

          Oh, ok ... then you are unfortunately in the hands of IT. Or in a dead end. It's often the same. 😂

          • Paula says:

            Hello Maddy! I seem to have the exact same problem. But for me it's my private laptop. Have you been able to find out exactly which drivers are involved in your research?
            Thank you and best regards! Paula

  6. beer says:

    I thought I had found what I was looking for.
    Instructions: Use the iMac as a Windows PC monitor. Does this really only work with the specified IMAC models?

    I have an IMac Retina late 2015. Is there no solution?
    Thank you very much and greetings from Switzerland..RB

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Bieri! Yes, unfortunately the target display mode is limited to the iMac models in the table. But you could do it with me AirServer try. This is a recommendation from a reader who has been using his iMac as an external monitor for years.

  7. Kidney says:

    Hello, thank you very much for the instructions. For me, target mode works very well. The iMac continues to work in the background and I am actively working on the company's Windows notebook in the foreground. Initially I only made the mistake of pressing the key combination when starting the iMac. The Mac is not interested in that and the start / login screen always appears. But if both computers are started and I have logged in to both, the keyboard shortcut works on the Mac. When switching the screen, the iMac will go black for a moment and then the Windows PC will appear. Many greetings René

    • Heinz says:

      Hello René, very interesting. You might like to share your configuration. Mac, PC, Cable, OS, Windows.
      If I could manage that too, it would be of great help.

    • Markus Mueller says:

      Hi Rene,
      can you please tell me your configuration so that it works with iMac as a screen? Cables etc.
      Thank you.

    • Ilo says:

      Oh, exciting! Which cables did you use? Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me, although all the requirements are there ... Thank you!

  8. cameo says:

    Hello, I want to connect my iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2015), macOS BigSur Version 11.6 to my HP laptop and use the iMac as a display. Do you think my iMac can't? What can I do? Thanks in advance for the tips. LG .Kamo

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Kamo! That certainly doesn't work, as only models up to 2014 offer the target display mode. The solution for you would be Air Server, but the software only offers Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  9. Renato says:

    Hello, Jens
    I have a USB-C / display port (+ alternatively HDMI) and an iMac 21.5 ″ 2011 with Thunderbolt on my HP notebook.
    Which cable do you recommend?
    I tried it and it didn't work:
    LG Renato

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Renato! Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice. Unfortunately, I have no experience of connecting to Windows computers. And what the readers say, the same cable does not work for all people. I'm afraid it's a bit of trial and error.

  10. Heiko says:

    Hi Jens,
    I bought a Mac Mini M1 and would like to use my iMac 27 as a screen in mid-2011. In the A Shop I was told it works, all I need is a Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter and a Thunderbolt 2 cable. No sooner said than done, I connected everything but switching to target mode does not work, the iMac does not respond (key combination Command + F2 or Command + FN + F2)

    Doesn't that work with the M1?
    Version of the iMac macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Heiko! Yes, unfortunately that is a question that I get asked a lot and cannot answer. Let's put it this way: If your iMac is running on High Sierra and you're using Apple cables and adapters, you can't actually do anything anymore. It seems to work for some people and not for others. Funnily enough, Apple Support also tells some readers that it doesn't work and other people at Apple Support tell that it works. Seems to be a little random ... either you're lucky or not. 😂

  11. christoph says:

    Hello Jens, I would like to use my iMac from 2012 as a screen for my new notebook with Windows 10. I got a cable HDMI to display / port for the Thunderbold connection on the iMac. But it doesn't work with the command F2 for target mode? Could it be because I already have Mojave 10.14.6 on my Mac? I'm grateful for tips! LG, Christof

  12. Peter says:

    Hello Jens, I've ordered the adapter you mentioned and I'm curious whether it works. It's not cheap fun and I'm pessimistic, but then I'll report ...

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Great, I'm curious to see if it works!

    • christoph says:

      Hello Jens, I got the two cables. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work with Target Mode on the iMac. Or could it be due to Mojave 16.14.6, or do you have an idea …… ..?

      • Jen Kleinholz says:

        Hello Christof! So if the iMac isn't running Mojave, then it should actually work. The iMac must have a maximum of macOS High Sierra installed. If a newer system is running, it won't work.

  13. Lukasz says:

    Hello everyone, I've been working from home a lot lately and wanted to connect my business laptop (Asus ZenBook UX305) to my private iMac (27″, late 2013). The iMac should work as an external monitor.

  14. Lukasz says:

    Hi all,
    I wanted to connect my business laptop (Asus ZenBook UX305) to my private iMac (27″, late 2013) ie iMac should work as an external monitor.
    I connected the two devices with a Thunderbolt/Hdmi adapter + HDMI cable + HDMI/HDMI-mini adapter.
    Unfortunately I can't get any further:
    Turn on the PC and the iMac.
    On the iMac, press and hold cmd + F2 or cmd + fn + F2 immediately after turning it on
    The target display mode is not activated by the key combinations cmd + F2 or cmd + fn + F2... :-(

    Could you please help me?
    Thanks in advance! Many greetings!!!

    • Mirko says:

      Hi Lukasz,
      Please proceed exactly as Rene described above:
      "... At first I only made the mistake of pressing the key combination when starting the iMac. But the Mac is not interested in that and the start/login screen always appears. But when both computers are started and I log in to both the key combination works on the Mac. When switching the screen, the iMac briefly goes black and then the Windows PC appears. Kind regards, René"

      Register both devices first and then the key combo/s

      Does this work?
      If not, this is probably the reason: The device runs at most macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
      I assume you are on OSX 10.15?

      • Lukasz says:

        Hello Mirko, thank you very much for your feedback and for your help! Unfortunately, the whole thing still doesn't work (even if both computers have already started up). The iMac simply does not react to this key combination... :-( I have Catalina 10.15.7 on the iMac. So is it due to the operating system I have? Maybe the cables I have are not "bilateral" because I don't know enough ...:-( could a docking station help in any way? Thank you in advance for your feedback! Regards

  15. Mirko says:

    Hello everyone, since the article helped me a lot, I wanted to publish my result on the subject again.
    Initial situation: iMac Late 2009 as the planned monitor, as well as a Windows Lenovo Miix Convertible (with USB-C) and optionally an iPad Pro (2021) should also be mirrored. Result: it works!!!

    Successfully tested cables/ adapters:
    - sicotool USB Type C (Source) to Mini DisplayPort Cable (I kept)
    - Amazon Basics - USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter
    - Sicotool USB Type C (source port) to Mini DP DisplayPort adapter, 18 cm cable
    - JSAUX USB C to Mini DisplayPort Adapter [4K@60Hz] to Mini DP Adapter

    With CMD-F2 (possibly + FN key) you can successfully switch between the external device and iMac.
    If the iMac is too bright as a monitor, you should simply log in with your account on the iMac, then the brightness can also be adjusted.

    Good luck!


    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Mirko! Thank you for the feedback and the list of cables and adapters. I have linked them all with the product names. I hope that is ok. It's great when the article is gradually expanded. This will help all future readers.

  16. Mirko says:

    Hi Jens, "Link Optimization" is OK. The blog should also be paid for ;-)

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Thank you for the ok Unfortunately I couldn't do the whole thing without Amazon... and I don't like to plaster the blog with banners... that always annoys me myself. 😊

  17. Windshield wiper says:

    Thank you for the hard work writing here. I'm also trying to connect my Lenovo X230 (unfortunately only with a VGA output) to a Mac Mid 2011 as a target display.

    Since VGA will not work in any case, I would have to buy a docking station (about 25€) with DP or HDMI output. Then the Thunderbolt cable for around €45 and then an HDMI to Thunderbolt adapter (if such a thing even exists for a maximum of €15).

    If I have all these components, there would still be a very high chance that it would fail for other reasons. Probably on the old notebook ergo: I'll leave it :))) Thank you, I've saved a lot of money, time and nerves. Hope those who at least try have a lot of success.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      I wouldn't try either. What I just saw with cables and adapters was not bi-directional at all. That means it only converts mini displayport to VGA but not vice versa as you would need.

  18. Leon says:


    I would like to connect a 2011 iMac to my Windows PC.
    Where can I find a cable that allows HDMI to Thunderbolt, I've been looking for a long time but haven't found anything. Can someone help me? Send a link?

    Thanks in advance

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Yes, unfortunately I don't have a solution for that either. You can only find a lot of adapter cables that turn Mini DP into HDMI. But they don't work the other way around. You can plug them in, but they're not bi-directional and only transmit signals from Mini-Displayport (Thunderbolt 1+2) to HDMI. If anyone finds something that goes the other way as well, I'd be very happy.

  19. wil says:

    Does anyone have experience with "Luna Display by Astropac". According to the description, it seems possible to use the iMac as a display for Windows, regardless of the model.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      That looks interesting. Since the last update, the dongle even offers up to 5K resolution (if the computer allows it). That's impressive. And yes, it works from Windows to iMac too, from what I've read.

      • Heinz says:

        That sounds really good. Can anyone confirm it works!?
        Can someone also say something about the apps to be installed! What kind of access do they need? My Mac is private, I have no problem with that. My laptop is on business...

  20. Carola says:

    Hello, I would like to connect my iMac mid 2011 to a new Dell Inspirion 16 Pro. I have now bought a cable that has an HDMI and a Thunderbolt 2 connector. Unfortunately, the connection does not work as described. The iMac starts everything up unperturbed... Why is that? It's probably the wrong cable, right? Which combination would be better here?
    LG Carole

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Carola! In fact, it can depend on many points. It's always difficult to say. It's ok for the iMac to start up. But if you then press the key combo, it should go into target display mode. Unfortunately, I can't tell from a distance where it's stuck.

  21. Axelmuc says:

    Hello together,

    A few years ago I had an Avermedia ExtremCap U3 as a solution, with which you could tackle this topic well, so instead of recording you just let it run in full-screen mode and have an external screen.

    Now, however, the software no longer runs on the current operating system of the iMac. A new one has to be made - the question arises: Aver offers the GC553 Live gamer ultra, does anyone have any experience with it? Or an opinion? Or recommend another?

    Many others have the same problem, the service laptop does not allow the installation of software - I think that's a good option.



    • Axelmuc says:

      Hm, the post above with "Luna Display by Astropac" would be a great alternative and definitely cheaper!

      • Jen Kleinholz says:

        Hello Axelmuc! I bought Luna Display and wanted to test it for a few days. So far it looks pretty good from what I've read on their website. With the 5K iMacs you even get full 5K resolution with the USB C Luna Display. That's not the case in Target Display mode. So in this regard alone, Luna Display is a great thing.

  22. Axelmuc says:

    Yes, BUT: Admin rights required again - so canceled.
    I have to try the Aver - about the same price.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      The Avermedia ExtremCap U3 is hardware for recording HDMI signals. This article is about using an iMac as a second monitor. I don't quite understand the connection. 😂

  23. Axelmuc says:

    grin, someone doesn't think far enough ;-)
    the recording window can be pulled large and used as a monitor - but not as a second monitor but as a 1:1 mirrored one.
    I've read the posts above and a lot of people want just that, hook up the business computer to the big Mac and use the resolution.
    And that went quite well with it, the latency was just acceptable. I hope that with the new one I won't feel it anymore.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Ok, that makes sense now! 😊 But with the solution there is only Full HD resolution. Of course, if you are happy with that, you can do it like this...

  24. Axelmuc says:

    As far as I can see this is not correct, at least for the GC553, recording is HD at 120 1/2 and 4K 30/s ;-)
    Delivery is today, I will report...
    4Kp60 HDR: Pass-through, vivid 4K HDR while recording at 4Kp30
    High frame rate: Record Full HD videos at 120 frames per second
    Ultra-Low-Latency: Enjoy playing on the RECentral preview screen with almost no lag
    Plug and Play: Convenience at its best, just plug and play;Interface, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C
    High Frame Rate: Capture up to 240 frames per second

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Yes, I think you are correct. I had found another card mentioned in the post below. It can only record Full HD. the AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra actually has 4k@30Hz for the recordings: "Max Record Resolutions:2160p30 / 1440p60 / 1080p120 / 1080p60 HDR"
      I look forward to your feedback on the latency when working.

  25. Axelmuc says:

    Hello Jens,

    so, I had already downloaded the installation on the Mac, so it was super easy to activate it, it really wasn't a problem at all.
    Latency almost 0, great, unfortunately the work computer/HP EliteBook can't have a really great resolution (1920 x 1080) - in this respect it can be improved on the big screen, if full screen is activated, the letters and contrasts are not 100%, but that's it complain at a high level.
    So I'm very satisfied and this is a solution that definitely DOES NOT NEED ADMIN RIGHTS :-)


    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Axel! Thank you for your feedback. Glad this is a suitable solution for you (and I'm sure some others). I'll have to update the post at the top when I get a chance.

      • SarahJ says:

        Hello Axel and Jens, is this the solution to connect an iMac from 2014 21,5 inches with a maximum of 10.13 (or does it also work with a higher version of MacOS or even iMac, I didn't quite understand that) to a Windows computer without admin rights? I'd get everything I need, but if it doesn't work, it would be really annoying. Otherwise I only have Apple at home and therefore I would not like to buy any other screen. I looked for the Aver GC553 Live gamer ultra. Then what kind of cables are needed?

        • Jen Kleinholz says:

          Hello Sarah! An answer from Axel would be great here, because I have not tried the device or the setup. But he does. As I understand it, you don't need admin rights. That was also the reason why Axel chose this path. But maybe Axel will give feedback again. LG, Jens

        • Axel says:

          Hi Sarah,
          Principle: Mirroring the display from the business notebook via HDMI to the Mac (admin rights are required for this)
          Then you can see in the recording window what the business computer has on the screen), of course you need a Thunderbolt connection for this variant.
          As long as the Aver software runs on the Mac, it can be combined without any problems.
          The cheaper variants from Aver have correspondingly different connections, HDMI/USB, so you just have to compare the requirements in the technical details.
          Mouse and keyboard must of course be connected to the notebook, the Mac is purely an image receiver.

          • SarahJ says:

            Hello, I wanted to thank you for your help for so long. As a result, I didn't dare. Otherwise I would of course have reported.

          • Jen Kleinholz says:

            Hello Sarah! What didn't you dare? And thank you for thanking me. 😊

  26. Sigg says:

    Has anyone here experienced whether keeping the older OS (e.g. High Sierra) alongside the newer OS (I have Catalina) would also work? (possibly new partition?) So, High Sierra only for iMac use as a monitor and alternatively Catalina for "normal" work? Or is the iMac only allowed to have High Sierra for use as a monitor?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Sigg! I haven't gained any experience with this, but I can imagine that it will work, because the Mac or one macOS doesn't know anything about the other. If you boot the Mac with High Sierra - whether from the internal or external hard drive - then it will work with the Target Display Mode.

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