Instructions: Use MP3 as a ringtone on the iPhone

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Icon instructions: MP3 as iPhone ringtoneFirst of all: Yes, it works WITHOUT jailbreak and other weird things. I wrote the instructions because I was interested in how to do it myself. In my case, Duke Nukem ringtone MP3s, which I received as a bonus at a "Duke Nukem Action", were supposed to be used as SMS tones on my iPhone 5. The operation was also successful, but I have to admit that it is a bit irritating whenever someone says "Heil to the King, Baby!" When a new text message arrives.

But whatever you want to use it for: here are the instructions on how to do it in principle:

  1. You drag the MP3 into iTunes. It will then appear there in the media library.
  2. Right-clicking on the entry opens a context menu in which you select "Convert to AAC".
  3. Then the file extension is renamed from .m4p to .m4r (presumably "r" for "ringtone"!).
  4. The original AAC file should now be reported in the library as no longer available. You can delete them from the media library with the right mouse button via the context menu ("delete"!).
  5. Then you drag the new file with the ".m4r" extension into the media library and because of the extension it is automatically sorted under Ringtones.
  6. Now that you have synchronized the iPhone, the ringtone is available in the settings.

Have fun with it!

If you would like to see the whole thing as a screencast in order to follow the individual steps directly on the monitor, you can watch this YouTube video. The creator went out of their way to explain everything:

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  1. Juxtapoint says:

    Ha, Duke Nukem ringtones .. Every 90s kid's dream !!

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